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Generates information logs about your entire current Morrowind loading list:
- current resource files in Data Files folders
- resource files missing from Data Files folders
- used resource files
- unused resource files
- can clean your Data Files folders from previous mod installations crap

Permissions and credits
Morrowind Resources Scanner
more fighting with perl/regex/tes3cmd by abot

Part of the May Modathon Month

(Note: I can't upload/update this readme as a direct link as Nexus uploader refuses to get it, it stubbornly says it is not a text file LOL but you can find it updated inside the archive as usual)
Generates information logs about your entire current Morrowind loading list:
  • current resource files in Data Files folders
  • resource files missing from Data Files folders
  • used resource files
  • unused resource files
  • can clean your Data Files folders from previous mod installations crap

Versions History
- fixed a bug with potion icon scanning
- updated not-to-move file mrs_std_goty_files_db.txt
- improved extraction of texture paths from .nif files
- more conservative, will keep textures used by some mod/present in .bsa
with same name but different extension
initial release

Info about missing Data Files resources should be useful especially for mod authors and advanced users trying to package all and only needed 
resources for mod(s). 

Resource scanning is probably more advanced than previously available Morrowind archive tools (e.g. TESFiles, Overunity), taking into account 
things like resources used by Morrowind.ini, Morrowind/MGE/shaders/grass, script and dialog result commands, special MGE-XE _dist.nif, possible
.kf and xName.nif animations, precedence/equivalence to.dds/.tga/.bmp extension...

Automatically cleaning Data Files from unused resource files should be useful to everybody heavily modding the game.
With my main installation I can move about 25% of my Data Files folder size, e.g. from about 25 GBytes in Data Files to 
18 GBytes in Data Files + 7 Gbytes in Unused\Data Files

copy the mrs folder and its content to your Morrowind folder (not to the Data Files folder) e.g. your folders should look like
Morrowind\Data Files\

double click/run the mrs_runme.bat file.

Scanning may take a while depending on how big your loading list,
e.g. it takes about about 10 minutes with my loading list including I think something like about 400 merged mods.

At the end of the scanning you are asked if you want to move unused resources and/or copy used resources to different folders.
I recommend to answer no if unsure/until you understand well how the program works.
You have been warned.

tes3cmd.exe must be in the same folder as mrs.pl script.
A version of tes3cmd.exe (0.37w IIRC) is included for convenience, the script should work also with latest tes3cmd alpha if you replace it. 

Generated files:
mrs_log.txt is the complete running log
Take a look at the mrs_unused_resources_log.txt log file, if it is very big it probabbly means you have many mods installed but not included in your loading list.

lists current resource files in your Data Files folder

lists current resources included in loaded BSA archive files

is useful if you want to try and fix missing resources!
It should report also if a missing resource is instanced (e.g. a missing mytexture.dds is not only used by object myObjID definition but also placed/instanced in game CELL myCELL), giving info about where it is first used making easier to judge if it is worth fixing it.

Only first usage found is reported to avoid over complicating things, anyway it should be easy enough to get all places where something is used from the Construction Set or MWEdit once you know mod name/object id.

lists current resource files USED by mods in your current loading list

is useful if you want to remove some no more needed clutter from your Data Files folders.

Note that mrs_used_resources_log.txt, mrs_unused_resources_log.txt will consider as unused ANY resource not used by standard GOTY + your 
complete CURRENTLY loaded mod list, so before running the tool to generate the unused resources report you should be sure to have put in your loading list ALL the installed mods you want to keep playing

mrs_log.txt is the complete running log 

When done scanning you could choose (but ONLY if you are sure YOU HAVE ALL THE NEEDED MODS in your loading list) to:
- move ALL UNUSED resources
from Morrowind\Data Files to Morrowind\Unused\Data Files

This way you should be able to clean your Data Files folders from previous installations crap and/or archive resource files from the new separate
Just to give you an idea, my Data Files folder went from 25 to 18 Gigabytes after moving the unused resources.

You could also use
- copy ALL USED resources
from Morrowind\Data Files to Morrowind\Used\Data Files
, but this is only useful if you want to archive your Morrowind installation resource files somewhere

Subfolder structure is kept intact when moving files so it should be easy to copy files back from "Morrowind\Unused\Data Files\" to
"Morrowind\Data Files" if something goes wrong.

Don't use these options if you have no idea how to cut/paste a folder back to previous location, else in case of trouble you may
have to reinstall some missing resources from original mod packages.

If error messages appear while trying to create the destination folders, try giving mrs_runme.bat and tes3cmd.exe tool more privileges/run them
as as administrator, the tool is limited by what tes3cmd and perl are allowed to do in your system when trying to create new folders.

If you find the tool is marking some texture as unused while it is needed by some special .nif file instead, you could try giving me a description/download link to the .nif and I'll see if I am able to make the tool work with it.

the tool should be powerful if used correctly and I tested it a lot with my complex 400+ mods merged install.
Having said that, I assume NO responsibility for program bugs/your silliness or mine nuking your Morrowind installation, so you'd better read this readme, check the logs and understand what the tool is doing to use it correctly.

Also run your Morrowind game thoroughly before thinking to delete the Unused folder, you are free to move it to another disk drive but better keep it for a while in case you need to restore some resource file! 
The Morrowind\Warnings.txt file should contain the error information about any missing file reported during the last game session so you should be able to restore any missing file easily.

John Moonsugar for tes3cmd and scripting examples
Greatness7 for perl tes3cmd scripting examples
tes3cmd 0.37v
tes3cmd 0.40alpha

You can use/modify the scripts as you see fit, just give credit when credit is due as usual.

Note 2 : after the "you MUST add images to your mod" and the  "readme is not text" nonsense, I find also simply absurd and frustrating you have to host article images out of nexus, so I'm doing this only because Darkelf Guy took the time to give them to modders, but if you need pretty images to consider downloading a modding tool  there is something wrong in the process IMO...