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The Elder Scrolls III
Pack Rat Companion, Paxon
Version: 2.3.2
by Tizzo


1. Installation
2. Playing the Plugin
3. Plugin Features
4. Save Games
5. Known Issues/Conflicts
6. Revisions
7. Upgrading From Previous Versions
8. Credits




To install the plugin, unzip the files into the Morrowind directory.




To use this mod check the box next to PaxonRat.esp in the Data Files menu of your Morrowind launcher.

This mod adds "Paxon, the Pack Rat" to your game.

As the name implies, Paxon is a "Pack" Rat. He's difficult to kill, hard to lose, and can carry a lot of stuff. He will also fight beside you.

Paxon can be found in the courtyard of the Census and Excise Office, in Seyda Neen.

Give him stuff to carry and try not to trip over him.

(It's not a very complicated mod to play.)




Your new Pack Rat has several useful companion scripting features:

- Will warp behind the player if he lags far behind.
- Can warp with you when you use Recall, Intervention, or scripted teleports.
- Can be summoned to your location with his magic acorn.
- Levels with the player, stats increase as your character's stats increase.
- Your Pack Rat will automatically move out of your way if set to do so.
- Paxon levitates and water walks with the player.
- Your Pack Rat can act as a light source.
- He can be healed with potions via dialogue.
- Has 'Potion Saver' code, meaning your Pack Rat will not drink all your health potions.
- Players can ask a Guard where your Pack Rat is, and it will be warped to a nearby tavern.


4. Save Games


This plugin should not invalidate your old saved games. If you remove the
plugin from a game already in progress, you will have to click through
all those error messages. However, you should be able to continue on afterward.

**Note: As a rule, you should backup all your saves before using this or any
other plugin, as a precaution against any strange error you might encounter.


5. Known Issues/Conflicts


-- None.


6. Revisions


Version 1.0

-- Initial Release Version. Yay!

Version 1.1

-- Moved Paxon to Addamasartus.

-- Changes to scripts.

Version 1.2

-- Changed a script reference in one of the dialoge options. Was referencing an old script.

-- Added some code to make Paxon not quite as "tanky" in combat. Will start to miss (and be missed) in combat after taking a given amount of damage.

-- Upped Paxon's damage. Paxon now does damage equivalent to a Blighted rat.

Version 2.0.1

-- Mod redone from scratch.

-- Completely recoded, totally redone dialogue.

-- Redone stats, added leveling code.

-- Paxon moved to Census and Excise Office courtyard.

-- Added dialogue topic "- My Pack Rat -".

-- Added 'Auto Move' and 'One-Time Move' functionality.

-- Added 'Light' ability, toggleable from dialogue.

-- Various other 'Under-The-Hood' changes.

-- Other stuff I am probably forgetting.

Version 2.2.0

-- Increased Paxon's scale setting to fix a few clipping bugs with the packrat model.

-- Slightly tweaked leveling code to increase Paxon's health values.

-- Paxon now cures any diseases on himself when leveling up.

-- Added dialogue topic "- Warp -"

-- Paxon can now be set to warp along through Recall, Intervention, or scripted teleports.

-- Added a few lines of dialogue to the "- My Pack Rat -" Topic

-- A few other bug and stability fixes.

Version 2.3.0

-- Scale setting set back to normal.

-- More leveling code tweaks. Slightly higher health, increased armor class.

-- In addition to curing diseases when leveling up, Paxon cures any attribute damage to himself.

-- When the player is Underwater, and Water Breathing or Swift Swimming, Paxon will now match his Z axis to yours.

-- Added a cutesy little particle effect when using the 'Summoning Acorn' on Paxon.

-- Condensed dialogue tree for controlling pet slightly.

-- Improved 'Where is Paxon' behavior when talking to Guards. Doesn't get warped immediately now.

-- Added script to 'Clean up' extra summoning items (acorns) if you somehow get more than one.

-- Additional dialogue with more NPC's about your furry little buddy.

-- Bug fixes, script improvements.

-- Other stuff I am probably forgetting.

Version 2.3.1

-- Minor script and dialogue tidying.

Version 2.3.2

-- Code tweaks to ensure smooth transitions from walking to running animations.

-- Checks added to ensure Paxon is not dragged along with you if he somehow dies.

-- Dialogue changes to reduce the volume and frequency of squeaking when selecting options.

-- Paxon will now have a minimum of 155 health, before any other adjustments or increases.

-- Paxon can now warp with you into certain end game expansion areas.

-- Added code to prevent Paxon from following you if you have not spoken to him.

-- Added code to enable Paxon to follow you when using the 'Vampire' amulet warp items.

-- Leveling code tweaks. Paxon is tougher at lower levels now, with slightly less offense.

-- Other minor dialogue fixes.

-- More stuff I really am probably forgetting.




Unload Paxon and set him to wander in another cell. Save, then exit the game.

Uncheck the old version and make a new save with the mod unloaded.

Exit the game again, check the updated version of the mod.

Load the clean save, go back to Seyda Neen and collect Paxon again.

... Maybe give the little guy a treat for being a good sport about the whole ordeal.


8. Credits


Bethseda Morrowind Team -- For making a game that's kept me interested and entertained since 2002.

Ghanburigan, Yacoby, Melian -- Morrowind Scripting for Dummies, an invaluable aid.

Greatness 7, Emma, Grumpy, DinkumThinkum, others -- Various pieces of code, dialogue, information, inspiration, and a host of other things. Thanks, everyone!

EJ-12, AKA HedgeHog12 - Creator of the new Pack Rat model.

UESP.Net -- For being such an amazingly useful resource.

Danae -- Lots and lots of constructive feedback, help testing, and being awesome.


Any bugs should be reported to me as soon as possible, so they can be fixed.
You can PM me on the NexusMods forums, message me on the Morrowind Modding Discord, or message me on Reddit (as "TizzoHeavy")

This mod may be posted on other sites, provided that the site owner contacts
me for permission or I send it to him/her, and I am credited as the mod author.

Enjoy, and thank you for using my mod!