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Little mod that makes upgrading to Eltonbrand a bit more immersive and fun. And yes, you still need to be a vampire.

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The Eltonbrand Backdoor

This small mod adds a special altar to Sirilonwe's closet. It mimics the method used to upgrade Goldbrand to Eltonbrand, except now it takes 11171 drakes from you (and you don't have to have exactly this much gold). And speaks to you (in text, sorry). And even explains a bit why the upgrade happens! Amazing!

Why do it?
Well one person on Steam said they have problems with the normal script working, and just adding it through the console destroys immersion. This is an honorable feeling and a good cause, so I set out to CS to aid them.
Also the vanilla method is an easter egg and I wanted to make a good lore-friendly explanation.

So here you are. It will need you to be a vampire, have completed Shashev's assassination quest for Sirilonwe, have the Goldbrand and 11171 gold in your inventory. Then it just does its magic and presto.

It has all kinds of responses for when you don't fulfill the criteria. It also has a nice note left by Sirilonwe to explain what a daedric altar does in Vivec's Mages Guild, and also hint at what you could use it for (well the mod's name spoils it a bit I guess).

Cleaned with TESAME.


Put it into your Data Files folder and tick it on in your mod manager of choice.
Should be compatible with everything except mods adding stuff at shelves in Sirilonwe's cellar.

Permissions and credits

Thank you Bethesda for making this game
Thank you Todd Howard for selling this game
Thank you Michael Kirkbride for writing cool stuff
Thank you mom and dad
And thank you, dear reader.

Do what you wish with this mod.