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This mod improves Ashmelech from being a largely empty ruin to a place worthy of being the clansted of the Aundae. More furniture, lights, services.

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Part of the May Modathon Month

Forgotten Halls of Sheogorad: Ashmelech Reborn
by Istreddify

Vanilla Ashmelech was a mostly empty, barren place, making the Aundae living there feel like a bunch of poor squatters rather than powerful, undead Altmer mages. Not anymore - the clan decided to redecorate and improve their living conditions, so the place doesn't suck - vampires can do that on their own, they don't need their homes to do it for them.

Expect more furnishings and an improvement in quality of the existing one. Do not expect coffins, blood pools and fountains and so on. On the plus side you'll be able to get a new set of armor (courtesy of Kieve) and buy the services from a new enchanter, who nicely fills the hole in services a spawn of Clan Aundae could find in their home. Daring souls may even find some unique treasure in the Ancient's private quarters.