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The infamous "Recursive Cliff Racers" a.k.a. "Worst Mod Ever" comes to TES3MP! A simple lua script with a few customizable settings can make TES3MP experience more immersive by spawning more and more cliff racers with each one killed!

Permissions and credits
(This is not a mod but a script)

Part of the May Modathon Month

The code has been tested on TES3MP version 0.6.2 and should work fine with previous version, as well as, most likely, all the way to 0.7.0.

Installation instructions are pretty simple:
1) Download the only file here and extract it.
2) Put RecursiveCliffRacers.lua file in ...\tes3mp\mp-stuff\scripts folder
3) Edit server.lua (found in the same folder):
  • RecursiveCliffRacers = require("RecursiveCliffRacers")   at top along with other includes
  • RecursiveCliffRacers.HitIt(pid)      at OnPlayerKillCount function found near the end of the file

Same instructions can be found in the file itself.
The customizable settings include:
  • Changing the number of cliff racers that spawn with each one killed
  • Whether a message is displayed for the player or not
  • If for some reason you have more than 3 possible types of cliff racers, you can include those as well