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Creating new NPCs for your mod is not always a simple task, especially when comes to making nice names for them. This simple Name Generator app is here to help you.

Permissions and credits
Do you need a name generator for you new awesome mod? Did Tamriel Rebuilt take down your only hope? Do you like your apps to be idependent from web connection? If you answer 'yes' to at least one of this questions, I may have resolve for you.

Just A Simple Name Generator

Part of the May Modathon Month

That's right, we finally have standalone application to generate names for anything we want to. Well, in fact it's more like script written in lua with wxLua bindings to make nice UI based app.
"Wait, seriously?" you would ask. Yes, as can you see.

Bit of history: idea was born back when NullCascade started to work on his MWSE Lua. At first I started to write simple Khajiit name generator since I was thinking it would be useful for my attempts to ressurect Project Tamriel's Elsweyr mod, and also, I just wanted to make something at least a bit useful as outcome of my attempts to learn Lua. Then, idea evolved a bit, from command prompt Khajiit name generator to UI based app working for all standard races. I was working slowly, learning so much in process; then I've decided May Modathon would be great opportunity to present it to you, modders (or players), since it would greatly help to make your future mods. Aanyway, enough of my rambling, nobody cares lol.

How to use:
Just use run namegen.bat.

v1.2 - splitted argonian names to Jel and Tamrielic, changed static number of results to dynamic field (up to 500 names)
v1.1 - added Chimer and Ashlander-like Chimer, tweaked Dunmer a little bit
v1.0 - initial release

Known issues:
This app is not perfect (yet), I know about it. Some results you will get will be total unusable garbage. I'm going to address it in the future, when preparing new version. So, no need to submit it as a bug, i'm well aware of that. I just need to rethink some stuff before remaking some parts.

Future plans:
As stated, I would like to remake some parts of this thing to simply make it better than in current state. Also, I'd like to expand list of races, adding those existing in lore (like Maormer for example).

Texafornian for providing some tables (for Argonian and Nords)
Melchior Dahrk for his help with Chimer tables - in fact, he provided them since I was making Chimer name generator for his Lyithdonea project
Everyone else for feedback, support etc.

Use to whatever mod/fanfic/whatever you make. Credits would be appreciated (but if you really don't want
to give them, I'm not going to force you, do whatever you want to do).
For now, I'm not permitting to reupload it elsewhere (it would likely change when better [or final]
version is released). It's simple, I just don't want outdated versions floating in teh webz.