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Recruit any NPC as a follower. Form adventuring parties, recruit companions anywhere.

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Supreme Follower System

This mod adds 3 dialogue entries to every NPC -

Follow me - The NPC will follow you.
Wait here - The NPC will wait.
Take my place - Use if an NPC is blocking a doorway.

You can recruit any NPC in the game or added by mods as a follower and they will join you on your adventures and fight your battles with you. There is no limit to how many NPC's you can recruit. If you wish to take a crew of Ordinators and Ra'virr the trader up Red Mountain, you can.  NPC disposition must be over 10 for them to join you.

When you recruit a follower, a companion share option opens in dialogue, allowing you to equip them with whatever gear you want.

New characters will have follow enabled by default. To enable the mod on existing characters, open the console and type "Startscript SFS".

MWSE is required.

Other stuff

All vanilla companions used in escort quests now have a warp script attached to them, so no more worrying about them losing their AI pathing or getting stuck on terrain. All Imperial and House guards, and Ordinators also have a warp script attached, as well as the pets you can buy in Mournhold.

If you wish to make any other NPC warp with you, you can open the console, click on an NPC and type: startscript 1warp. They will then warp with you if you use them as a follower. Since this method can only be applied to one NPC at a time, 2,3,4, and 5warp can also be used to allow for five console-activated warping companions.

I've also made 3 custom NPC companions -

Veremar - a Khajiit rogue outside Ra'virr's in Balmora.
Namarie - a Breton mage outside Balmora mages guild.
Svagnor - a Nord warrior outside the Balmora fighters guild.

They are not too powerful, nor do they have any backstory. They are just some starting adventure buddies.

Additionally, the Mournhold pet seller, Rerlas Mon, now also appears in Caldera. Let's face it, by the time the player reaches Mournhold, they are both strong and powerful enough to not need a pet companion. By putting Rerlas in Caldera the player now has a useful early game pet companion.


Any NPC from base game or mods can be recruited as a follower.
You can share your inventory with theirs.
Vanilla escort NPC's will warp to you if they get too far away.
Summoned creatures will warp with the player.
Warp script can be added via console to any NPC to avoid annoying pathing or terrain bugs.
3 custom 'warp ready' companions in Balmora.
Mournhold pets can now be purchased in Caldera.
Optional 'Rogues' addon, adding dozens more companions to guilds and taverns.


The nature of the mod can make it quite gamebreaking. Nothing is stopping you from recruiting an Ordinator and taking all their armour, or recruiting main quest NPC's and having them die in battle. Use some common sense with who you recruit.   

When using the startscript method to make companions warp with you, make sure to use the stopscript command if they die or you stop using them. This will 'free up' that warp script to use with another NPC. (You do not need to click on the NPC beforehand to use the stopscript command)

Trader class NPC's will not share their inventory with you.

Thanks to Shade the bandit for the follow / wait function.
Thanks to Abot for 'take my place', and help with the warp script.
Useful console commands

Click NPC -
Addspell comheal - adds a slow heal spell so you wont need to keep checking their health.
Startscript 1,2,3,4 or 5warp - will make companions teleport to you if they get stuck or run off.
AIwander 1000 0 0  - Will make companions resume their patrol if you ask them to wait and don't want them standing around like a mannequin for the rest of eternity.