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Fixed version of Vanhikes wonderful System Requirements as well as additional Lore version of this mod.

Permissions and credits

I am not the author of the original Service Requirements. I'm uploading the fixed version, as well as simple lore version of this mod here so people can enjoy it. All credits go to Vanhikes that made this great mod a very, very long time ago. He gave me the permission to upload here.

This is not the continuation of Makeshiftwings' Service Requirements 1.4.3, but rather original Vanhikes' Service Requirements 1.3. Personally, I am not the biggest fan of the whole "Surcharge" thing, so I've decided to go with 1.3.

I am uploading two versions of this mod. First is the original 1.3 with fixed punctuation, grammar and cases when NPC told you to be of higher rank than them in order to get services, when in fact you could be of the same rank. Second version is more of a simple and lore-friendly version of this mod. In Lore version I've removed "price on your head" discount, so that it always will be 50% as in vanilla game, no NPC will change their original ranks, members of the Blades will offer services to any member cause it makes sense story-wise, and 3 lowest ranks of Great Houses and Temple provide their services to common folk. Last change not only compensates the need of original mod to lower the ranks of some members in order for them to serve you, but it also makes more sense lore-wise for Temple and low ranked House members (that are mostly traders in simple town shops) to provide services for common folk of Morrowind, as it was intended by the developers based on dialogues and in-game knowledge. For Temple its Layman, Novice and Initiate and for Houses its Hireling, Retainer and Oathman. Lastly, you need to have the same rank as NPC (or higher) to get service. It's true for both Imperial Guilds, Morag Tong and Temple/Houses to avoid confusion. Caius Cosades will offer training to anyone because he is a master spy and will hide the fact that he is a part of any faction, especially the secret one. He also desperately needs money for moon sugar.


- you need to be higher rank than NPC in Imperial Guilds and Morag Tong to get service (except 2 highest ranks)
- you need to be higher rank than NPC in Blades to get service (except 2 highest ranks)
- you need to be the same or higher rank than NPC in Temple & Houses to get service (except 2 highest ranks)
- lowest ranking members of Temple & Great Houses offer service to anyone
- Price on your Head discounts are based on your rank in Thieves Guild
- Some NPC have their rank changed in order for them to provide service for non-members
- Ashlanders, Vampires, East Empire Company and not joinable factions still provide service to anyone
- NPCs that are not in factions still provide service to anyone


- you need to be the same or higher rank than NPC to get service (except leaders that will provide service if you are 1 rank lower)
- members of the Blades offer service to any members of the Blades (they are very few anyway)
- 3 lowest ranks of Temple and Great Houses now provide service to anyone
- Ashlanders, Vampires, East Empire Company and not joinable factions still provide service to anyone
- NPCs that are not in factions still provide service to anyone


       The Elder Scrolls III
       Service Requirements
        Current Version 1.2
       You can find this mod at  
    Comments and suggestions to
         [email protected]

2. Playing the Plugin
3. Save Games
4. Features
5. Credits
6. Updates
Copy this esp to the morrowind\data files directory
From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box 
next to the esp file you choose to load.
     2. Save Games
Plugin should not invalidate your old saved games. If you save 
your game while this plugin is loaded, you may encounter error messages 
when you reload the saved game without the plugin. But you may be
able to continue on with the original game. 
    3. Features
I didn't like how gaining rank in a faction was meaningless and that 
people who were not members of a faction could obtain the same services
as a member. so, now your rank and membership affects what services you
can use. 
So with this mod You need to be of sufficient rank in order to obtain different services.
For example now you have to be a journeyman to use the teleportation service
from the mages guild.
you have to be a member of the guild in order to obtain its services. With the 
exception of the lowest level members of the 3 houses and the temple.
for all guilds except the 3 houses and the temple, in order to obtain services 
from a person of X rank you have to be of higher rank. with the 3 houses and the temple
you have to be of the same rank to obtain services.
Now the amount it cost to remove a bounty on your head depends on your rank.
This mod should work with WGI, however i have included a merged version also. It has WGI
faction settings included.
    4. Credits
* [email protected]
    5. Updates
Version 1.0
* added the dialogue to the service refusal section of the dialogue
  to complete mod.
  did not include vampire clans or the ashlanders

version 1.1
* changed the amount it costs to have a price removed from your head 
  at the thieves guild to be dependant on your level
  for level 1 it is the bounty * 1
  for level 2 it is the bounty * 0.9
  for level 3 it is the bounty * 0.85
  for level 4 it is the bounty * 0.8
  for level 5 it is the bounty * 0.7
  for level 6 it is the bounty * 0.6
  for level 7 it is the bounty * 0.5
  for level 8 it is the bounty * 0.4
  for level 9 it is the bounty * 0.3

version 1.1.1
* changed the rank of emelia duronia so that all teleportations services 
  people had the same rank. to ensure compatability i removed that change from 
  the NPC and wrote a script to lower her rank. placed it in an activator beside her
  should only run once.

version 1.2
* made a version that includes WGI faction settings.
* increased the variation in the dialogue 100*. now NPC's will not always say the same thing.
  there is now around 100 unique responces.

version 1.3
* fixed a mistake i made in 1.2. Cleaned too much.
* changed the rank of several members of the temple and the 3 houses so that you can still
  obtain their services. 19 in all, i used a script to change the NPC's so i dont have to 
  actualy edit the NPC directly. this should mean less conflicts.
  alds baro lost 4 rankRedoranSmith
  alveno andules lost 2 rankHlaaluPawnbroker
  anis seloth lost 1 rankTelvanniAlchemist Service
  anruin lost 1 rankTelvanniSmith
  balen andrano lost 1 rankRedoranTrader Service
  dabienne mornardl gained 1 rankMagesEnchanter
  emelia duronia lost 1 rankMagesGuild Guide
  gadayn andarys lost 1 rankHalaaluTrader Service
  galuro belan lost 1 rankTelvanniApothecary Service
  ganalyn saram lost 1 rankHalaaluAlchemist
  garas seloth lost 2 rankTelvanniAlchemist Service
  melie frenck lost 1 rankTempleHealer Service
  pierlette rostorard lost 3 rankTelvanniApothecary Service
  savard lost 2 rankRedoranSmith
  sedam omalen lost 2 rankRedoranTrader Service
  tanar llervi gained 2 rankMagesEnchanter
  telis salvani lost 1 rankTempleHealer Service
  telvon llethan lost 2 rankHlaaluSmith
  thervul serethi lost 2 rankTelvanniHealer Service
  tuveso beleth lost 2 rankRedoranSmith
  ulmiso maloren lost 2 rankTempleHealer Service

version 1.3a (Dungeom)
* fixed punctuation, grammar and cases when NPC told you to be of higher rank than them
in order to get services, when in fact you could be of the same rank.

Lore version (Dungeom)
* made a simple and more lore-friendly version of this mod.