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Little storage house in Balmora.
5000 weight containers
Compact, 100% functional
House Merchant w. 5000 gold
Teleport to house
Teleport to 8 major cities
Cheat tools (Lockpick, Hammer),
Speed modifier, slot machine
Chest of all Morrowind books

Permissions and credits
Little one room house with many containers, (5000 weight each, without changing any outside/vanilla containers!)
for people that like a 100% practical, functional home.

Sally is your housemaid slave, she will repair your gear and buy your stuff (5000 Gold).
You can free her with her key, if you're an abolitionist.
Caution, she will vanish shortly after, with all her stuff!

To use the teleports you have to equip them.
Caution, the home teleport will instantly teleport you without warning and only to the house! The world teleport lets you choose from 8 cities.

The cheat cellar has additionally some cheat tools, a speed modifier, a slot machine for easy money, the world teleport and a chest with all morrowind books.
You don't have to use them, picking up the key gives you a extra warning.

Its my first plugin ever, I played with it through Morrowind + both expansions without problems.
I cleaned it with TESTool and made it just for fun.
Now, before I delete Morrowind and move to an Oblivion playthrough I thought I will upload it.

Only Morrowind without expansions. (newest official patch)

Install: Drop the esp into your Morrowind data folder and activate it.

ompatibility: Incompatible with every plugin that changes something that is at the same spot as this house.

This mod is provided as "is".
The author is not responsible for any damage done to your save game, game installation
or even your computer (though such an event happening is highly unlikely).
Use at your own risk.