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Adds the Neb-Crescen (mentioned in the 16 Accords of Madness) to Vvardenfell, available for level 10+ (but obtainable earlier with a challenge).

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A Daedric Artifact Mod from PikachunoTM and the ATL Team.

"Emmeg cautiously removed the rags in which the object was swathed, and was dazzled to discover the item to be a wide, curved blade with ornately decorated handle. The weapon had heft, and Emmeg realized on brandishing it that the elaborate pommel disguised the more practical purpose of balancing the considerable weight of the blade itself. It was nothing much to look at in its present condition, thought the Orc, but once the tarnish was cleaned away and a few missing jewels restored, it would indeed be a blade worthy of a champion ten times his own worth." -- The 16 Accords of Madness, XII

The Neb-Crescen is an artifact of Sheogorath, as described in the 16 Accords of Madness, is used to trick Malacath into murdering his own son. The powerful blade, however, tends to drive its wielder mad, so it is certainly a double-edged blade.

This mod adds the blade and a small quest to obtain it  on Vvardenfell. A familiar face can be located in the Ashlands, and by them it can be obtained.

Feel free to repurpose, modify, and redistribute (but please provide proper credit when doing so).