About this mod

This mod adds Roscrea an island in the middle of the sea of ghosts. You have a choice between two main quest lines and over a dozen miscellaneous quests. With new creatures, weapons, armor, and magic items. As well as a future version of mournhold with new factions, music, weapons, clothing, and multiple repeatable quests.

Permissions and credits

You can buy passage to Vestri at Fort Frostmoth. Roscrea contains two main quest lines one where you assist the forest creatures for Lus. The other you destroy the Nord settlements with the help of a powerful hag. Vestri, Sigmarr, Heleaeglos, and Nieninquea contain miscellaneous quests as well.
Also there is the Loknarr located in Fort Greymoths prison which teleports you to the future of Mournhold. It is a grim sight indeed where you can make quick money. As well as purchase rifles and handguns. It took me over two years to put together all the scripts ,new meshes, and textures. I did it because I love this game and wished to experience new quests. I hope everyone enjoys the new experience as much as I did making it. Walk through included in the docs tab as well as in the download