Mod articles

  • Mod incompatibility list

    Incompatible mods: Better bodies, abotWaterLife, CreaturesXI, Golems. ReignOfFire 1.1, and Undead arise from death 3.5.

    Most other mods should be fully compatible....

  • Roscrea Patch List

    version 4.0.1

    new dialog entrys
    new topics added
    cleaned with tes3cmd
    nifs located (fire pillar)

    version 4.0.0

    nifs located ( elf ears ).
    Heleaegithil quests open.
    dialog and lore problems addressed.
    npc's have topics.

    version 3.4.8

    minor continuity issues fixed.
    hunters crossbow fixed.
    travel to nefgeirr fixed.


    small patch for 3.4.7
    fixes crossbows.
    missing meshes and textures.

    version 3.4.7

    guns fixed.
    missing sound files found.

    version 3.4.6

    50+ meshes no longer missing.
    dialogue changes.
    Adrian's door fixed.
    no more 2d neon city lights.
    and a few mino...

  • monster manual ( only new creatures )

    Roscrea : Nymphs, Pixies, Gnomes, Wisps, Sylphrim, Kolbolds, Brownies, Cannibals, Worgs, Dragons, Golems, Sharks, Soul shriven, Ethereal, and Banshees.

    Future Mournhold : Ghouls, Wights, Hellhounds, Mutants, Junkies, Skags, and Shades.

    Loknarr Worlds : Formions, Dryders, Metal Horrors, Daedric bats, Cecaelia, Sea snakes and a variety of sea life.

    and mabe more......