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Frostfire Morrowind Overhaul is a collection of low-impact changes to those aspects of the player experience I've found the most lacking. My goals are to improve balance, encourage natural play, and provide compelling choices--all while changing as little as possible and preserving the vanilla flavor of the game.

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Frostfire Morrowind Overhaul is a low-impact collection of changes to those aspects of the player experience I've found the most lacking. My goals are to improve balance, encourage natural play, and provide compelling choices--all while changing as little as possible and preserving the vanilla flavor of the game.
Rather than trying to eliminate exploits, I've tried to eliminate the need for them. Why spam useless spells when your magic skills improve just fine through natural use? Why skulk around with a battle axe when a dagger is just as lethal? You can still do those things, but now you have a better option.
My changes are minimally invasive. They're meant to be used with other balance mods (and any other mods you like) for the best experience. The ones I use are listed at the bottom. If you only want to use one module--like the one that rebalances magic effects--you can do that. There's no interdependence.


This mod require both expansions, and the Stealth and Marksman modules require MWSE v2. Adding/removing modules from an existing game shouldn't be an issue if you use Wrye Mash to clean your saves. If you use TESTool to merge objects, disable the Birthsigns and Races modules first.


Paper has four times the enchantment points of exquisite jewelry. This is balanced by the fact that it's cast once, the high cost of souls, and the fact that even a master enchanter will have trouble taking full advantage of it. For more modest enchantments, it's a great way to practice your skill.
Summoned creatures do not yield souls when killed.
Self-enchanting is easier. Mid-level enchanters have a fair chance of enchanting extravagant jewelry, master enchanters have a good chance of enchanting exquisite jewelry, and any soul can make constant effect enchantments.
Enchantment points are halved. This balances enchantments relative to spells and potions without limiting their potential uses.
Magic items recharge twice as fast.
Clagius Clanler in Balmora restocks paper.

Marksman (MWSE)

Ralyn Othravel keeps Auriel's Bow in a chest, so you don't have to kill him for it. It also has an enchantment in line with other artifact weapons.
Arrows, bolts, and throwing weapons have a 75% chance of recovery.
Ababael Timsar-Dadisun in Zainab Camp and Alusaron in Vivec restock glass and ebony arrows, respectively. If you're using Service Requirements, high-end arrows are otherwise off-limits if you don't want to join the Imperial Legion.
The bound longbow uses bound arrows if no other arrows are equipped. They're daedric quality and unenchanted, and they can't be dropped, sold, or retrieved.
Auriel's Bow uses divine arrows. They behave identically to bound arrows.


This rebalances skill gains--relative to weapon skills, which are fairly well balanced--based on the amount of use they get during normal play. Training and deliberate practice should only be necessary if you neglect certain skills.
Most weapon skills are unchanged. Short blade and hand-to-hand increase a little slower; axe and blunt weapon increase a little faster.
Heavy armor is unchanged, but the lighter armor skills increase a little faster because you're more likely to avoid getting hit.
Athletics increases twice as fast from swimming (three times as fast as running).
Alchemy, security, and sneak increase twice as fast.
Enchant increases twice as fast from creating magic items, and cast on strike/cast on use items give 1/4th the skill gain of weapon/magic skills.
Magic skills, speechcraft, mercantile, and acrobatics increase three times as fast, and failed persuasion grants half experience.
Armorer increases five times faster.

Magic Effects

This rebalances the base costs of 95 magic effects relative to similar effects and non-magical alternatives. It affects auto-calculated/player-made spells, potions, and enchantments, so magic users now have as many options as there are spell effects.
Notably, command, reflect/spell absorption, and disintegrate cost a fraction of what they used to, summon spells cost twice the creature's level, and elemental shields do damage equal to their magnitude to attackers (thanks to a GMST tweak).
It doesn't change anything else, so you can merge it with MPP, MGSO, and other mods using TESTool.
It bears mentioning that the magnitude of a potion effect is inversely proportional to the effect's base cost. This means the most expensive effects, like invisibility, are useless in potions. There's no good way to fix this.

Stealth (MWSE)

Short blade and hand-to-hand sneak attacks do twelve times damage, and they get an attack bonus equal to half your sneak skill. Considering how hard they are to pull off until higher levels, when many more options become available, this is only fair.
Pickpocketing is easier. Mid-level thieves have a good chance of stealing most items, and master thieves can steal almost anything. This is not a substitute for common sense, but it should make master thieves feel like master thieves. It's assumed you're also using MCP's "Pickpocket overhaul."
Hand-to-hand attacks do as much damage to health as they do to fatigue (plus the KO multiplier). Previously, they did 1/10th as much damage to health. To compensate, their damage is reduced to 3/5ths of what it was.
Hecerinde in Balmora restocks grandmaster and secret master lockpicks and probes.
Volendrung has a value and enchantment points befitting an artifact.


Player-made potions are 50% more potent, but their duration is half their magnitude.
Player-made potions have no value. The trouble is that there's no good way to make their value reflect their actual usefulness. Anyway, there are better ways to make money than overloading merchants with useless potions. Running quests, exploring ruins, robbing nobles, and hunting daedra are all more exciting.
Ores and scrap metal weigh about 1/5th of what they used to, and never more than 2 lbs, making them viable for potion making.
Abelle Chriditte in Valenvaryon sells the secret master alchemy apparatus.


Argonians have a water breathing ability. If you use the Birthsigns module, their immunity to poison has a powerful synergy with The Serpent.
Bretons have a reflect power.
High elves no longer have weaknesses to elemental magic.
Imperials are resistant to disease, and they have a power that fortifies personality, speechcraft, and mercantile.
Khajiit have the abilities of their cousins the senche-tigers--they can see in the dark, fall without injury, and sense nearby prey.
Nords have a resist normal weapons power; they no longer have a frost damage power.
Orcs have a power that fortifies health, strength, and attack but makes them more susceptible to weapon damage.
Redguards have a power that fortifies strength, speed, and agility but rapidly drains fatigue.
Wood elves are immune to paralysis.


The Tower gives you a detect animal/enchantment/key ability and the power to open any lock once a day.
The Ritual gives you a restore magicka/weakness to normal weapons ability, making this the only constant restore magicka effect in the game.
The Mage gives you a fortify maximum magicka/fortify willpower ability.
The Thief gives you a fortify luck ability.
The Lover gives you a charm power.
The Shadow gives you a chameleon power. It's not invisibility, but it can be even more effective if you're talented.
The Serpent gives you a poison power that's lethal to you and your target.
The Lord gives you a restore health ability.
The Warrior gives you a fortify attack/resist normal weapons ability.


Creeper and Mudcrab Merchant have 1/5th their barter gold. They're still worth trading with, but they're not the best option. For more valuable items, I recommend enchanters and Ababael Timsar-Dadisun in Zainab Camp. I also recommend a mod that lowers the exorbitant values of high-end weapons and armor.
Enchanting costs 1/5th as much, and scrolls cost the same as spellmaking. Low-level characters still need to save for enchantments, but now they can actually access them. The latter change requires MCP's "Allow scroll enchant price modifier."
Spells cost twice as much, but spellmaking costs half that.
All forms of fast travel cost ten times as much. (Economy Adjuster doesn't affect guild guides.)
Training costs three times as much.


Resting does not regenerate health. The world becomes a much more dangerous place when you can't sleep off mortal wounds.
Resting regenerates magicka twice as fast.
Running out of fatigue makes you collapse from exhaustion.
Gold has an effective weight of 0.01. This is accomplished by removing items with negative weight. I stole the idea from an older mod, but my version is about 1/4th the size. This won't do anything if MCP's "RemoveItem weight fix" is enabled.
The vampiric ring bites you the first time you wear it.

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