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Alters the values of the vast majority of armor, clothing, and weapon pieces.

In particular, scales the transition from early game to end game more smoothly and retools costs so that all items should be sellable at least by itself to the Mudcrab Mer

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This mod drastically overhauls the values associated with armor, how they scale / relate to each other, while rebalancing cost and enchant values.

Raise Price in the early game, Reduce Costs in the late game, scale accordingly:
All weapons/armor pieces, even enchanted ones, should at least be sellable to the Mudcrab Merchant. With that as a baseline, all other late-game items below the most expensive can be scaled down accordingly.
Early game, gold can be hard to come by. An iron weapon can still be valuable enough to purchase, and hauling back weaponry shouldn't broadly be unnecessary for what any one of them can do, so they, and items like them, get to have a bit of a higher price.
And scaling everything smoothly in between makes sense for how most other values (Health, Damage) are also scaled in that way.

Standardizes Armor and Weapon stats, removes most of the variance between armor pieces' stats.

The armor and weapons are grouped as such:

Starting (Iron, Chitin, etc.):
  • Gear that you can acquire immediately at minimal cost, but are easily identifiable as the weakest types of gear available

Early Game (Steel, Bonemold, etc.)
  • Gear that can be bought for a decent price as the first and cheapest advancements from Starting gear, but are common enough to not surpass them greatly in expense or effectiveness.

Mid Game (Orcish, Dwemer, etc.)
  • Gear that is rare or difficult to find for new adventurers, but not so much so that a seasoned adventurer wouldn’t have access to it after stabbing the right characters, opening the right chest, or saving up enough coin.

End Game (Ebony, etc.)
  • Gear that is, while present, still difficult and especially rare to find. While they can have qualities that contend them to be used by high-level characters, they are not strictly the best that you can find, granted that they are close to it.

Exemplar / Expansion (Daedric, Glass, Adamantium)
  • The best gear that you can find, but is incredibly rare. Often, only one set is available, and much of it will be worn by important, powerful characters, or guarded by an equally formidable series of foes. Perfection, however, is worth this heavy price.

Weapons HP Curve:

Non-Metal (Dreugh, Glass, Chitin): 300-400
  • Unrefined, unconventional, or delicate materials that find themselves brittle and difficult to maintain due to their construction.

Standard Metals (Iron, Steel, Silver): 400 - 500
  • Common, and found in a variety of weapons, but holding no special quality to allow them to last longer through combat.

Durable Metals (Dwarven, Ebony, Orcish): 500-600
  • Specialized and finely crafted materials. Not optimized, but well-performing

Optimal Metals (Daedric, Adamantium): 600 - 700
  • Materials with unmatched potential.

Clothing Categories:
Though the clothing tiers are unchanged, there is another way clothing has been categorized, and each piece of clothing can often hold even more powerful enchantments, with growing potential per tier of quality

Extra: (Ench: 10-75)
Skirt, Shirt, Pants, and Belt: All the pieces that can be worn alongside armor, without conflicting with it, that are not especially magically attuned.

Replacement: (Ench: 25-100)
Boots and Gloves: While still generic, and not the most capable possible, for the cost of compromising your armor’s protection, these pieces provide significantly more magical potential.

Perfect (Ench: 50 - 125)
Rings, Robe, and Amulet: The items always meant to be enchanted with the best, highest quality souls, that only a seasoned enchanter could hope to make the best use of.