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A simple copy/paste of St. Delyn North Two Waist in the Arena Canton, lower exterior side.

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This was really just an experiment to see if I could make a house mod doing the bare minimum.  Even so, on first cleaning of the mod, I managed at least 60 gmsts, which I cleaned with tes3cmd, so no worries?

The theme is that this is either the former abode of a washed up gladiator, down on his luck, or else some avid fan of the Arena who liked to get drunk on Matze.  Or perhaps a foolish nord rogue that partook of the matches in the arena.

I may add to this mod in the future as I get better at modding, but don't hold your breath.  Future plans may include an attempt at a quest mod, an npc associated with the quest, and more decorations and personalizations of the home.  Also, the barrels included may have ownership issues, don't use them.  (The chest and wardrobe should be fine though.)

It's located in the lower exterior of the Arena Canton in Vivec, just off from where the gondola ride will land you if you take it from the dock at Vivec.  It should be MW rebirth compatible, as it was meant to be.  Unless any other major mods alter the cantons of Vivec, it should be compatible.

Changes to v.2c

Dimmed lighting, added clutter, removed a few tapestries, added a few light sources.  Now two times as immersive!

Changes to V.2F

Rejigged lighting to be less immersed in darkness.  Added a murder hobo who won't take kindly to trespassers other than himself.  Also some clutter and a note of eviction for the said hobo.  Future plans include making a quest.

I recalled the latest versions .3 and .4 because I made a mess of the questing system.  I'll try and be more careful from now on, but this mod is more for testing and me expanding my ability to mod.