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My suggested settings to make your Morrowind experience better with MGE XE, based on a lot of time experimenting with many values.

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This is a small guide to modifying your MGE XE values to balance performance and visuals for the best experience possible. I've spent a while playing around with the numbers until I finally found something suitable long term, that doesn't kill my frame rate but still gives me a pretty high quality graphics setup. This guide is meant for players with higher end hardware, (I have an i7700 and gtx1060, myself) but there may be aspects of it that are helpful to players with much lower quality hardware as well.

Please note, these are only my personal suggestions based on my own hardware specifications. Performance may vary for others depending on their hardware, but this guide should give a general idea of how to utilize your processing power for the game in more efficient ways if you use MGE XE.

Lastly, I am not responsible for any damage caused to your game install, etc. These are only my suggestions to get the best bang for your buck, but as mentioned, performance and such will vary person to person. Of course, changing these settings should cause no real damage to your game and you can always reset them (they are just game settings, after all) but I will leave this here as a precaution regardless.

* Please be sure to generate distant land with MGE XE version 9.10. Versions past 9.10 have some issues with distant land generation, but if you wish to use functions from newer betas, install those files over your 9.10 AFTER you've generated your distant land. If you need to regenerate it, just replace 9.10 files and do it over, then re-replace with newer betas again.

V1.1: Added a new 'Alternate Settings' .txt. These settings are based around using a distance based DoF shader I found somewhere. 7 Screenshots are uploaded using these settings, look closely at the distant land with a subtle blur, and the effect is quite nice.