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This is a potion replacer that I made for the wife's game. I make no apologies for the poly count or my ability to texture. All potions have been atlas mapped (all on one texture) and optimised. This is a direct replacement for the vanilla potions.

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By RubberMan 

My personal blog

I wasn't going to release this as it was for personal use only but..... I was asked to so here it is.

This is for direct replacement of vanilla potions. Just unzip and place "Data Files" in your Morrowind directory. If you want to back up the vanilla potions then you will find them in; Data Files/ Meshes/ m/

I make no apologies for the poly count of these items as they were made for my wife's game. They only need a single texture for all potions and the meshes have been optimised. 

Icons are included, as is an extra potion bottle named "misc_potion_special_01" in the "m" directory of meshes and can be used to replace the "fresh" potions (size is important!) or used for another purpose if desired.

If you want to remap them then there are plenty of "labels" on the texture you can play around with or indeed make your own.

The wife calls these "Sexy potions" and I hope you like them as much as she does. Enjoy. 

P.S. Any complaints see "RubberWoman"

Anything else then there is always my  Discord Server

  If you're interested in learning to model, my book on the subject can be found here; Kindle/ PC App -
(It is also available in paperback here; Paperback -