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Heph and Fukuro

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Allows you to join all 3 Great Houses and earn all 3 strongholds

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This is a re-upload of "Join All Houses" from ModHistory - just in case if modhistory stops working for some reason

Original Author:
[email protected]
Bugfixes V1.4:
by Fukuro
[email protected]
This allows you to join all 3 houses and earn all 3 strongholds.
Hlaalu + Redoran + Telvanni
Please backup your last saved game before using this plugin.
If you come across any problems, please let me know via email.
Your saved game may also be helpfull to debug any problems. (Just about anything can be repaired)

1.4Fixed area check in "strong_foreman" and "strongholdservices" scripts wich could cause incorrect appearing or disappearing of Stronghold NPC's and Foreman's.  
1.3Fixed Duke Vedam Dren dialog error that caused a minor loop that would not result in a contract.
1.2Expermental feature, since removed.
1.1Changed Duke Vedam Dren to give contract during two possable Telvanni journal indexes. (If you selected soul gems when given the request for the Telvanni contract and need the contract type the following in the console: Player->AddItem bk_stronghold_c_hlaalu 1)
Changed some of my wording in Duke Vedam dren.
1.0Initial Release

To Use:
1. Copy "Join All Houses.esp" to "Morrowind\Data Files"
2. Enable the plugin using the Launcher
3. Talk to Vedam Dren in Ebonheart about construction contracts if any of the below is true:
You already have a stronghold with any guild.
You gave your builder a construction contract for your second stronghold before using this mod and it never was completed.
4. You may now join all houses, and recieve all strongholds.

Issues with multiple Houses and strongholds that were delt with:
1. Guildmasters will allow you to join if you are a member somewhere else.
2. Instead of just one variable to keep track of stronghold progress, it is split into 3.
3. Each stronghold piece/NPC is located and will only be enabled if it belongs to a built stronghold.
4. Vedam Dren will give a contract for each stronghold when needed.
5. When quested to kill another house master, he will spawn behind PC when given quest. (untested)
All stronghold activate/deactivate related scripts.
Added global variables to record each strongholds progress.
Vedam Dren's construction contract dialogue and added local variables.
Each quest/topic below now spawns the NPC to kill behind the player:
-Crassius Curio, Hlaalu
HH_DestroyTelUvirithTopic: Reynel Uvirith, Telvanni 
HH_DestroyIndarysManorTopic: Banden Indarys, Redoran
-Master Aryon, Telvanni
HT_AttackRethanTopic: Raynasa Rethan, Hlaalu
HT_AttackIndarysTopic: Banden Indarys, Redoran
-Faral Retheran, Redoran
HR_AttackRethanTopic: Raynasa Rethan, Hlaalu
HR_AttackUvirithTopic: Reynel Uvirith, Telvanni
Added scripts fixHHStrongholdScript, fixHRStrongholdScript and fixHTStrongholdScript.
I used FatherFrost's AllHousesMod that allowed you to be accepted to all 3 houses as a basis for this plugin.