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This script will automatically click, move the mouse, then click again for you, as well as letting you choose where it clicks both times. No more tedious item moving! Mostly. Move Items. Easily. Yes.

Made for OpenMW, easily customized, requires AutoHotkey to be installed.

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DRAGON DROP - An OpenMW Item Transfer Utility Using AutoHotkey

This is my first upload, dear Azura please see mercy in my immediate future.

The below is basically identical to the ReadMe packaged with the script.

This script will automatically click, move the mouse, then click again for you, as well as letting you choose where it clicks both times. No more tedious item moving! Mostly. Move Items. Easily. Yes.

Made for OpenMW, easily customized, requires AutoHotkey to be installed.

less tl;dr:
DragonDrop is a simple AutoHotkey script (the ReadMe is a larger file than the script) for automating the "(shift-click) drag and drop" system in OpenMW whenever you want to move items from one container/inventory to another. Without this script, you must manually drag every item (or stack) from one to the other, which takes ages if you have a ton of say, alchemy ingredients. 
This utility will not work for vanilla Morrowind because it did not feature the ability to shift-click for picking up an entire stack with no menu. AHK could, however, theoretically be used to create a script that accounts for the mandatory count menu in vanilla.

In the folder/zip you will find three files:
- The readme
- DragonDrop.ahk OR DragonDropCHIMe.ahk (version with chime sound when setting destination)
- DragonDrop.ini

-This script requires AutoHotKey to work.  AutoHotKey is a very handy program and I suggest looking at the other things it is capable of. I used another script to auto-convert b t w (without spaces) automatically to "by the way" in that last sentence, as I typed it!
-To install AutoHotKey, simply navigate to https://autohotkey.com/download/ and download the installer, then run it. Goes without saying but follow any rules/instructions they have.

-Install (move) the .ahk and .ini to any folder on your computer - if they're in the same folder, they will work!  I would suggest a folder on your Desktop (or anywhere else easily accessed and outside of Program Files) so you can easily turn the script on and off. Frankly, even leaving it (unzipped) in your Downloads folder will work (at least until you forget about it when clearing your downloads folder, that is.)
-Depending on your system, PROGRAM FILES and other privileged folders won't work for this!

-Right Click the .ahk in its new home, and click "run as administrator" (you might be able to just run it normally, depending on your system.) If you installed AHK properly, the script should run. If there are only "Open" options and not "Run", there is likely an issue with your installation.

-Make sure AHK is running!

-The script will be functional OUTSIDE of Morrowind too, any time it is unpaused/active!

-With Morrowind open, all you have to do is have two inventory menus open (for example - your inventory and a chest or the floor in the background) and turn CapsLock (or your choice of Function Shift key) ON (or hold it down, if you replaced it with a non-toggle key.)  Next, move your cursor to where you want the items to GO (i.e. anywhere in the target chest) and click Middle Mouse Button (click scroll wheel) (or your custom Function Key.)  You have now set the Destination. 

-If everything is working correctly, if there was an item where you chose your destination, it should look like you picked it up for a fraction of a second, then put it down again.  If you are using the CHIMe version, a small system sound/chime will play as well.

-Next, turn CapsLock/your custom function shift OFF, then move the cursor to the top of the list of items you want to move, then click and HOLD Middle Mouse Button/your custom key down for as long as there are items you want moved.  Done!

-You can set the destination to a new spot any time you want, as long as the script is running.

-To "pause" the script, just go to the bottom right of your system tray and look for the green autohotkey icon corresponding to DragonDrop.ahk.  Right click it, and click pause.

-To uninstall (Why would you do that D: ) just delete the script and .ini from wherever you saved them. You might want to uninstall AHK as well.

-This script was designed with the status of AHK as of v1.1.26.01, so if you have troubles running the script, consider a fresh install of AHK if you were using an older version.

-Make sure you've installed the ini and ONE version of DragonDrop, in the same folder, OUTSIDE of Program Files/other directories with special permissions.

-The .ahk is the script itself:  If you know what you're doing, you can edit it with a program like Notepad or (recommended) Notepad++ to change the script's function key and function shift key. Instructions are included within the script, and a list of keys can be found at https://autohotkey.com/docs/KeyList.htm 

-The .ini is simply where the script stores your custom defined destination for items.  This does not need to be edited because the script will change the values when you use the function shift key.

Thynar here at the Nexus was a great help in testing the script and hammering out issues different users might have with it. It's his fault I had to make an .ini for this mod!

Thynar so happens to make, like, REAL mods with voice acting and quests and none of this external script nonsense, it's very exciting. 

If it isn't clear yet stop wasting your time here and check out his stuff, it's good and he's working on a continuation/update of Mythos of Bledaen and you should watch out for it.

Hint, hint. Thynar's Page here.  I linked it for you and everything.

Feel free to edit this script as you please, and use it as you please, but kindly refrain from monetizing it. If you're feeling especially kind, link to this page so folks can find the original script if you post it elsewhere.

Have fun.