About this mod

For many years, the ominous Bloodwind Fort has been left untouched and forgotten. Evil is brewing in the darker depths of Morrowind... Bloodwind features a new dungeon crawling experience including 15 new highly detailed areas to explore, rewarding loot, new quests, lore, characters, and secrets to explore around every corner!

Permissions and credits
"Don't stray too far, or your fate will unwind before your eyes, Lost One."
- Dro'bar the Merchant

 Welcome to Bloodwind, a vast subterranean complex of forgotten ruins for adventurers and commoners alike! Rumor has it that the ruins contain treasure that is irresistible to any man or mer on Tamriel! However, upon entering the excavation site, it seems Bloodwind is something you weren't quite expecting. The Fort's ruins are home to many unexpected guests, including the previous dwellers, and they aren't too inviting. It seems Redguard Pirtates are after the treasure too, but they have their hands full with the various other "inhabitants" of Bloodwind. You are in between all of the chaos, with many questions soon to be answered.

Bloodwind offers a long, tough, yet rewarding dungeon/quest experience. Featuring many new areas, secrets, and stories to tell. Recommended Level would be around 25-30! Bring many potions! Good luck, adventurer!

 - Cleaned with Tes3cmd!
 - Hours of new content and a great dungeon crawl!
 - Plenty of loot!
 - 15 very detailed new areas, complete with secrets around every corner!
 - Many new in-game documents to read and Lore!
 - New Dialogue and NPC's to interact with
 - Player is given a choice determining the fate of Bloodwind and Characters

Beginning the Mod:

 - To start the Mod, simply head to Hla Oad! Nearby, just north of town, you will
    find a ship docked on the coast. Board the boat and speak to Thad. The quest will begin!

 - The only requirement is the Morrowind.esm!

 - Bloodwind works with all mods except there might be issues with Morrowind Rebirth (as with many mods) in the
   exterior with the entrance as landmass is changed in MR. The mod is still fully playable.
 - If you find any issues, please notify me!

 - Help can be found in the documents found in the .zip!
   The following documents are included:
   Bloodwind ReadMe
   Bloodwind Guide
 Bloodwind Easter Eggs

Special Thanks:
Special thanks to the following:
 - R-Zero (use of item/creature mesh resources)
 - MelchiorDahrk and Quorn (Flesh Atronach Creature Mesh)
 - EnclaveKiller (Screenshots and playtesting)