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Syntax highlighting, color schemes and autocomplete for editing Morrowind scripts in Sublime Text.

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Morrowind script syntax for Sublime Text


- syntax higlighting
- 4 color schemes (VS Dark, Obsidian, Obsidian Light, Obsidian Dark)
- autocompletions
- autoindentation
- commands: new script, browse documentation (local, online)
- documentation popup for MWSE/MGE-XE functions
- symbols support


v1.3: changed documentation hotkey, improved New Script command, full autocomplete must be called explicitly with `ctrl+space`


Extract the `MWScript` folder in the packages folder (usually `~\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 3\Packages\MWScript`).
Load a script or start a new one, and assign the MWScript syntax. `te3` extension is automatically assigned to the syntax.

Syntax higlighting

All functions from MWSE/MGE + alpha/MGE-XE are supported.
Colors are: regular functions, MWSE/MGE, MWSE alpha/MGE-XE. Invalid operators are red.

Color schemes

After you assign the syntax MWScript to a file, open `Preferences -> Settings - Syntax Specific` and add one of the following:

"color_scheme": "Packages/MWScript/MWScript (VS Dark).hidden-tmTheme",
"color_scheme": "Packages/MWScript/MWScript (Obsidian).hidden-tmTheme",
"color_scheme": "Packages/MWScript/MWScript (Obsidian Dark).hidden-tmTheme",
"color_scheme": "Packages/MWScript/MWScript (Obsidian Light).hidden-tmTheme",

This is needed for syntax highlighting.

Autocompletions with fields

Normal autocomplete uses these special triggers:

PP: Player->
SS: set to
SX: setx to
II: if ( )
EI: elseif ( )
EE: else
IX: ifx ( )
MM: MessageBox ""
AA/RR: AddSpell/RemoveSpell

Full functions autocomplete list can be triggered with `ctrl+space`.

Documentation popup

Press `Alt+d, Alt+d` to display it. If called on non-MWSE/MGE-XE functions, it will search the Elder Scrolls online wiki.

Palette Commands

- New script: a basic template. Assigned file path is relative to the currently edited file.
- Browse documentation: either locally(but it's old stuff) or online (Elder Scrolls Wiki, AssimilationsLab)

To use documentation commands, have the cursor on a function, press `Ctrl+Shift+P` (command palette), digit `MWScript` and choose.

Symbols support

Symbols are used for the `go to symbol in project` command in Sublime Text.
Since there are no functions, they are defined as `;#`, that is a semicolon(begin of comment) plus #.
If you then use `go to symbol in project` command, you'll jump to that symbol.