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This mod is a continual progress to tackle and address inconsistencies with lore and what's present in-game.

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Inspired by MelchiorDahrk's forum page: Uniformity Mods, MW Inconsistencies is an attempt to address as many glaring issues found in the game's text and lore versus what's presented in in-game items and so on. This first release addressed three lore items and a few textual anomalies. Hopefully, with future updates, more complex inconsistencies can be addressed and merged into an all-in-one package. If I missed anything, or feel the abilities are overpowered or too weak, please leave a comment. I tried to keep my ranges to within the realm of vanilla tier spells, so as to not break anyone's games and immersion. However, constructive criticism is always welcomed. Enjoy!

What this mod does:
Tamrielic Lore, regarding the Warlock's Ring: "It is best known for its ability to reflect spells cast at its wearer and to improve his or her speed and to restore health. No adventurer can wear the Warlock's Ring for long, for it is said that the Ring is Syrabane's alone to command." (Mod adds a 10-20 heal for 30 secs to compliment the rest of this items abilities).

Tamrielic Lore, regarding the Dragonbone Mail: "The properties of the Cuirass allow the wearer to be resist fire, and to damage an enemy with a blast of fire." (Mod adds a script that'll add a new fire spell to use only while the cuirass is equipped. The new fire shield called "Dragon Fire" which does 20pts. of damage over 30 secs, and is much stronger than the highest vanilla fire shield).

Tamrielic Lore, regarding the Lord's Mail: "Sometimes called the Armor of Morihaus or the gift of Kynareth, this is an ancient cuirass of unsurpassable
quality. It grants the wearer power to absorb health, resist the effects of spells, and cure oneself of poison when used. It is said that whenever Kynareth deigns the wearer unworthy, the Lord's Mail will be taken away and hidden for the next chosen one."
(Mod adds a 10-50 absorb health/touch).

4. "The frost centurion is an enchanted animated artifact of Dwemer creation. Constructed in the form of an armored warrior, they are aggressive and dangerous. Scrap metal collected from Dwemer artifacts is rare and precious, and prized both by collectors of antiquities and students of metals and enchantments." (Mod increases the value of scrap metal to 200 gold and increases it's weight to 50 lbs. Now it's not so much a throw away item, but something worth taking, but at the expense of carry weight).

5. Ruins of Kemel-Ze, regarding Steam Centurions: "The ice cracked above me. The giant golden king stood before me, the shell of ice falling away, his head swiveling towards me in triumph. Was there no stopping this Dwarven monstrosity?! But then the light faded from his eyes, and his arms dropped to his sides. The magical frost had worked, cooling its steam-driven energy." (Mod adds a Weakness to Frost: 75 to the base Steam Centurion, and increases a few of its stats for a tougher fight. This way, hopefully, encounters with the Steam centurion actually "feel" like you're fighting a monstrosity, and better capture the scene depicted in the Ruins of Kamel-Ze. So be prepared for a tougher encounter and bring a frost spell or two with you).

6. Serpiginous dementia is a serious common disease affecting the victim's mind and behavior. Symptoms include hallucinations and an itchy and unsightly scaly skin condition resembling snake scales. (Although it exist in the CS, the script was never implemented to any creature to distribute for our ever-loving torment. As suggested in the forum, Serpiginous dementia is now carried by Bull and Betty Netch).

Load Order:

Because of the nature of these changes, I'd suggest placing this mod as low as possible in your load order, as to avoid any conflicts with any other mod that might make similar changes.

Special Thanks go to Melchior
Dahrk for going through the trouble of compiling this exhausting list, which still needs much love and attention to ever see completion. Additional thanks go to EnclaveKiller and Cyprinus for jogging my memory with the CS.