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*Requires Morrowind.esm


Call me an entitled millennial that's played too much of the newer Elder Scrolls games if you must, but I am simply not a fan of the speed at which your character levels in Morrowind. There's too much emphasis on using the trainers that the leveling process without them is in my opinion very tedious. For me personally, I don't like focusing hours upon hours grinding up my skills, but I don't like using insanely fast leveling mods either. I just want something simple, that makes the leveling work a bit more similarly to how it does in Oblivion and Skyrim, faster but not too fast. I know there are other mods somewhere out there that do exactly this, but I was unable to find one that I liked. So instead I took literally five minutes out of my time to make this really simple mod. I was debating whether to share it but decided why the hell not? Since at least I can come back to this whenever I reinstall Morrowind instead of having to remake it. I'm lazy, I know. Oh yeah and this mod has been cleaned.


Let's be honest, you probably all know how to install mods normally anyway, and this is no different.
Drag and drop the .esp into your Morrowind Data Files, enable it in the launcher or through an external 
programme like Wyre Mash etc. and you're good to go.