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Added: 09/10/2017 - 01:22AM
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Adds blunted, forked, broadhead and barbed arrows to leveled lists. Broadheads are actually vanilla arrows, and as such are still the most common. Blunted arrows have the least amount of damage and highest weight, though are more enchantable than other arrows. Forked arrows carry the same stats as broadhead arrows (as I have never found what exactly their purpose was outside of killing someone in a fancy way). Barbed arrows have the highest damage range.

Daedric arrows of any kind have a 10% of being found on Golden Saints (though not summoned ones), and a 5% chance of being found on Dremora Lords. Glass and ebony arrows can be crafted by Turgrana gra-Bolel at the Wolverine Hall, and she can sell you un-enchanted arrows in case you are having trouble finding them or just really want them. Practice arrows can be found in Fighter's Guild supply chests. All other arrows can be found in the same locations as the vanilla arrows.