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This mod restores diseases by assigning them to existing creatures and fixes some other (disease) inconsistencies, in accordance with in-game dialogue.

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Diseases Restored

 By Half11

Version: 1.5.1

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Has your character ever contracted Greenspore? Rattles maybe? Or Rockjoint? Rust Chancre?? Most likely not. Although the in-game descriptions of these diseases state that they can be contracted from various animals, these were never assign to any of them. This diseases exist in the Construction Set however, but Bethesda for some reason decided to cut them from the game. This mod restores diseases by assigning them to existing creatures and fixes some other (disease) inconsistencies, in accordance with in-game dialogue.

Restores diseases:
Chills (Drain Intelligence, Agility & Willpower 30) may be contracted from Skeleton, Crippled Skeleton, Bonelord, Bonewalker and Greater Bonewalker.
Dampworm (Drain Speed 30) may be contracted from Nix-Hound.
Greenspore (Drain Personality 20) may be contracted from Small Slaughterfish.
Rockjoint (Drain Agility 40) may be contracted from Diseased Alit and Guar.
Rattles (Drain Willpower & Agility 10) may be contracted from Nix-Hound.
Rust Chancre (Drain Personality & Speed 10) may be contracted from Diseased Rat.
Serpiginous Dementia (Drain Intelligence, Personality & Willpower 10) may be contracted from Betty Netch and Bull Netch.

Other fixed lore inconsistencies:
Ataxia (Drain Strength & Agility 10) may be contracted from Slaughterfish.
Brown Rot (Drain Strength & Personality 10) may be contracted from Skeleton, Crippled Skeleton, Bonelord and Greater Bonewalker.
Droops (Drain Strength 30) may be contracted from Kwama Forager and Kwama Warrior.
Wither (Drain Strength & Endurance 10) may be contracted from Dreugh and Dreugh Warlord.

Contract diseases from Blight storms:
Blight storms are reddish ashstorms that carry the Blight. Due to the danger of infection, residents of Vvardenfell often advise against travelling during an storm. The function of catching Blight diseases in Blight storms unfortunately didn't make it into the release of the game. Its existence is however suggested in the Morrowind.ini (Disease Chance=.10). This is why I dicided to add the function of catching Blight disease while out in a Blight storm:
• Players now have a 10% chance (in accords to the Morrowind.ini) of contracting one of the four Blight diseases, when they end up in a Blight storm. The 10% chance is calculated on cellchange into a blight storm.
• Resist Blight Disease is being taken in account in the script that is responsible for the probability of cathing a Blight disease.
• Added a condition so players won't catch blight disease from storms after Dagoth Ur has been defeated, to do justice to the lore: "The Nerevarine [...] killed Dagoth Ur, and in so doing, cut the source of the Ashblight, effectively eliminating it. Afterwards, the ashstorms lost their red tint and became simple ashstorms again."


Copy the .ESP file into your Morrowind\Data Files folder. Activate the mod in the Morrowind launcher.

This mod is under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) license. In human-readable terms, this means the following:
• Attribution (BY) -> You must give appropriate credit to me as the original creator, provide a link to the license*, and indicate if changes were made.
• Share-alike (SA) -> If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.
• Non-commercial (NC) -> You may not use the material for commercial purposes.
• In addition, I ask you to include this original ReadMe file in your mod.

*Link: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/

1.5.1 [May 19th, 2019]
• Fixed two small typos:
    |Ash Cancre|==>|Ash-chancre|
    |Blach Heart Blight|==>|Blach-Heart Blight|

1.5 [May 18th, 2019]
• Remade the mod from scratch. Everything is now handled by script which should improve compatibility with other mods.
• Compensated the heavier diseases (-20 / -40 attributes) stat-wise in line with what Bethasda did (instead of completely canceling out the negative effects of diseases).
• "Diseased" creature variants now have the ability to randomly carry one of two diseases. This way I didn't have to assign new diseases to healthy creatures or edit Leveled Lists.
• In cases where this was not possible, I gave the "healthy" creature a 25% chance to carry a disease. This reduces the likeliness to contract a disease from a healthy creature variant, while still removing the lore-inconsistencies and keeping an element of surprise.
• Some "already dead" versions of creatures also have a 25% chance to carry a disease.

1.4 [September 19th, 2018]
• All adjusted creatures now have their right (vanilla) stats. This fixes an issue that caused rats to move very slowly.

1.3 [March 31th, 2018]
• Added the function of catching Blight disease while out in a Blight storm.

1.2 [October 17th, 2017]
• Added the missing Serpiginous Dementia disease to Betty Netch, Bull Netch, Giant Bull Netch.

1.1 [October 7th, 2017]
• In the first version, Dampworm (Drain Speed 30) was not assigned to a creature because I made Nix-Hound (to which it belongs according to in-game dialogue) already carry Rattles (Drain Willpower & Agility 10). Now I made a new Nix-Hound  carry Dampworm with a different ID (same name, same appearance) on the advice of 6thHouseBellHammer. I added this Dampworm carrying Nix-Hound to the Leveled Lists with level 3+ Nix-Hounds, to making it less common than the more forgiving Rattles disease.

1.0 [October 3th, 2017]
• Initial release.

Thanks to Melchior Dahrk & R-Zero for specifying the lore behind blight storms.
Thanks to the people in the Morrowind Modding Community Discord server for giving feedback to improve this mod.
Thanks to Sendai45 for the orginal blight storm script.
Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.