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This mod restores diseases existing in the Construction Set, based on in-game descriptions.

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Has your character ever contracted Greenspore? Rattles maybe? Or Rockjoint? Rust Chancre? Most likely not. Although the in-game descriptions of these diseases state that they can be contracted from various animals, these were never assign to any of them. This diseases exist in the Construction Set however, but Bethesda for some reason decided to cut them out from the game.

This mod restores diseases by assigning them to existing creatures, in accordance with in-game dialogue.

  • Ataxia (Drain Strength & Agility 10) may be contracted from Slaughterfish.
  • Brown Rot (Drain Strength & Personality 10) may be contracted from Skeleton, Crippled Skeleton and Lesser Bonewalker.
  • Chills (Drain Intelligence, Agility & Willpower 30) may be contracted from Skeleton Warrior, Skeleton Champion, Greater Bonewalker and Bonelord.
  • Greenspore (Drain Personality 20) may be contracted from Small Slaughterfish.
  • Rattles (Drain Willpower & Agility 10) may be contracted from Nix-Hound.
  • Rockjoint (Drain Agility 40) may be contracted from Wild Guar and Alit.
  • Rust Chancre (Drain Personality & Speed 10) may be contracted from Rat.
  • Wither (Drain Strength & Endurance 10) may be contracted from Dreugh and Dreugh Warlord.
  • Dampworm (Drain Speed 30) may be contracted from Nix-Hound (but only when you're level 3+, making it less common than the more forgiving Rattles disease).
  • Serpiginous Dementia (Drain Intelligence, Personality & Willpower 10) may be contracted from Betty Netch, Bull Netch and Giant Bull Netch.

When making this mod I made sure that the chance that you will encounter these creatures was not changed.