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  1. Therampantfury
    • member
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    You know, the whole ebony staff having the highest enchant value thing doesn't really seem like a bug considering bethesda went and released an expansion adding another ebony weapon with the exact same enchant value.

    The ebony staff and bonemold longbow having considerably more enchant value than their daedric counterpart seems pretty balanced anyway. Wouldn't want to make end game artifacts irrelevant by giving daedric equipment both stupid damage and stupid enchant values, but one or the other is fair enough.
  2. grbazoid
    • member
    • 211 posts
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    its a single player game, "balance" hardly matters

    also lorewise ebony items are excellent conduits of magicka, thats why the scimitar and the staff have such high values

    daedric items on the other hand are already "enchanted" in a way since they house lesser daedra in them during the process of their making, hence also giving lower enchantment values

    still nice work you put into balancing i guess :^)
    1. TheDrunkenMudcrab
      • member
      • 382 posts
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      The heck? If you think that the game doesn't need to be balanced, why are you commenting?

      Furthermore, in Morrowind it is COMPLETELY the trend that Daedric weapons/armor have a higher enchant value than ebony. To say otherwise is completely wrong. Before you post that Daedric has a lower enchant value than Ebony, check the facts.

      https://i.imgur.com/Uogpl6F.png That number on the right there? Notice how it's higher for Daedric weapons? That's because in the majority of cases, Daedric weapons have a -higher- enchant value than Daedric, not lower.

      Think I photoshopped it? Just open a CS or go here http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Bloodmoon:Base_Weapons

      I deal with idiots all the time IRL, but I didn't think someone could spout off lies like that when there is a TON of quantifiable and easy-to-find information that points to the contrary, including the description of this mod! We're on the INTERNET. Just google it! This crap is exactly like people complaining about the other balance mod because they personally feel that the game doesn't need balance, but you're stacking icing on the cake lying about the Ebony enchantment values. Hats off to you pal.

      Anyway yeah, I figure you'll enjoy the mod. It fixes some stuff that even MCP doesn't dare to touch, probably for this very reason: Dumb people who don't know what they're talking about complaining. Even if you don't believe in balance, you should believe in a consistent universe. The Ebony Staff made no sense compared to every other weapon in the game, and neither did some of the other stuff this mod fixes. Sure, it's balancing, but it's also important to have consistency. That's why having huge bugs like 90 enchantment staffs is kind of a big deal.
    2. grbazoid
      • member
      • 211 posts
      • 3 kudos
      i dont know why you feel the need for all that text pal, all i said was a lore reason and a good job remark :^)

      if people like to remove content from their game like MPP does, tastes are not negotiable anyway

    3. MelchiorDahrk
      • supporter
      • 1,247 posts
      • 128 kudos
      Since we're having a lore discussion here! @grbazoid:

      I agree about non-infused ebony; mages use it in their Wizard's Staffs because it has great enchantment capacity due to its nature as the blood of a god.

      The thing to remember about Daedric equipment is that the process of animus infusement is different than soul enchantment. Infusement is literally trapping the daedra's sapient essence into the material, which is why it twists its physical appearance into something anguished. Enchantment is just using soul energy to bind effects to an object; that's why they have to be charged like a battery - energy depletes. So the infusing of a Daedric animus into a material would reasonably increase its enchantment capacity over regular ebony in my opinion.
    4. SpaceDevo
      • member
      • 1,183 posts
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      "its a single player game, "balance" hardly matters"

      Please tell me you're joking.
    5. TheDrunkenMudcrab
      • member
      • 382 posts
      • 39 kudos
      All of the text? A lengthy reply is the least I can do as the mod author!
    6. mym
      • member
      • 50 posts
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      Lore apart, if the best items regarding damage or armor are not the best ones regarding enchantment, then the player has to make choices: eg. dealing more raw damage or less damage but with a more powerful enchantment.

      I think games that force the player to make choices are the best ones. Otherwise all players eventually finish with the same equipment, same look...
    7. TheDrunkenMudcrab
      • member
      • 382 posts
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      I think that a good solution would be to actually have the strongest Light armors have the best enchant, going down from there. For instance, having Glass be the best in the game for enchanting, Adamantium the second best, and Daedric the third best. That would encourage magic users to go with lighter armors. You'd be trading magical power for the pure ability to deflect blows. Weapons could follow the same formula, which would in turn have damage be the tradeoff for enchantment. It would be insanely hard to balance, though.

      I think that leaving a glitched item in its glitched state isn't the solution.
    8. binaryice
      • member
      • 1 posts
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      I don't even know what to say.

      Why did you make this? Its worthless. You took a broken system, that was marginally interesting because of a few (potentially accidental ) quirks and you made it extra shitty.

      The enchant values tied to items in Morrowind is absolutely horrible. Hands down, it's the worst part of the game.

      The fact that the values on weapons is so low, for the most part makes sense, because having a super high damage effect on hit would get pretty strong, and the user isn't sacrificing anything in order to "gain" that damage.

      The fact that staves overall don't have much higher values than other weapons is a HORRIBLE design choice.

      The fact that Shields are the highest is fine. The fact that relatively light weight clothes and rings are the next best thing is again A HORRIBLE CHOICE. It's absolute garbage game design.

      There should be a sacrifice related to the enchanting power you get with an item. With a shield, you're sacrificing two handed weapons (except you're not, but I don't think that was intended design as much as lazy programming). With two handed weapons, you're sacrificing a shield. With a staff you sacrifice physical damage.

      With a ring you sacrifice nothing. It's 0.1 pounds, and you can instantly change them out for others? Horrible game design. Amulets weigh 10 times as much, but have no additional advantages? Garbage.

      A staff should be the highest value for enchanting in the game, and as you mentioned in the comments, it might be more interesting if the best enchant value wasn't Daedric. Lets think about that for a second, why would that be interesting? Because the highest potential for enchanting then wouldn't be a gigantic meat head in a huge set of armor. OK, so, the Telvani Cephalopod helm is actually good game design. It's only good for enchanting. The bone mold bow is actually the same thing. It's not the best bow physically, but it is the best bow in terms of enchanting.

      What enchanting should look like:

      Highest items are staves, as they sacrifice the most physical characteristics of all items. Having heavier ones generally be higher is probably good, as the damage hardly matters on a staff. Having the highest enchant value in the game be the ebony staff is actually good game design. It has awful damage, it weighs 16 pounds, and it's good for nothing else. Daedric should actually be much higher damage and slightly lower enchant, more like the ebony scimitar is.

      Shields are the next highest. Then Chest armor. Rings, especially ones created by players should be relatively weak. The best rings and amulets in the game should undeniably be found ones (this is far from the case. You can make a ring that's 5 times as good as a sanguine ring. Why?) Amulets should have higher enchant value than rings, and rings and armor should not be removable during combat. That last bit is definitely asking for a lot in terms of a simple mod like this, and I'm not faulting you for not making that change.

      What you have done though, is "fixed" the two outlying items that managed to be actually decent representations of what a balanced and interesting enchantment system would look like.

      Seriously. Such a waste of time.

      I was really excited to find the mod, because I thought someone who wasn't a complete moron would have the ability to fix the dog-s*** decisions bethesda made about enchant values, and I find that you've made it significantly worse.

      I haven't even mentioned the scimitar. The ebony scimitar is the personal weapon of a f***ing god, and her direct guards. They aren't cobbling this together with the homies. This is made by a f***ing god so that her homies can be extra scary. You cant buy it. You only snag it off dead people who are in the personal service of a f***ing god. That's why it's good. It's a nearly end game item . You think Bethesda just put an accidental 0 behind that again? It should have been 8?

      I can't believe you made such horrible choices and then chose to bloviate about them in this forum. It made me so angry I wasted 10 minutes of my time.