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Added: 20/09/2017 - 11:10PM
Updated: 30/09/2017 - 04:23PM

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Last updated at 16:23, 30 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 23:10, 20 Sep 2017

Been using thepal's 1.6.3b patch consistently and for a very long time. Its a strict bug fix and do not include some balance fix.

As an openmw user, using the verify feature in the openmw-cs reveals some errors/warning in journals, scripts, and objects. Look picture.
So a fix is required for this perfectionist, and so this new updated fix based of thepal's was made.
This is strictly bug and script fixes and some minor wording/grammar fixes in journals and objects data. no balancing here(like changing enchant/price values, moving things, adding scripts to objects, changing dialogues, etc)!

To know was added/removed, between this patch and thepal's 1.6.3b patch. The list is in the links-
1.Records in 'morrowind patch v1.6.3b' not in 'morrowind patch v1.6.3.1' (232)

2.Records in 'morrowind patch v1.6.3.1' not in 'morrowind patch v1.6.3b' (144)

For a difference between the two-> Patch v1.6.3.1 vs Patch v1.6.3b

Any future fixes will be notified in the changelog here.

The main reason i put my fix here is for safekeeping, but would like to share it also.
If you decide to use this fix, please be responsible with your game!
So far no problem in my games, if you find anything please notify in the bug section.
I do not guarantee an update frequently, since bugs are quite rare in my games.
This plugin is for openmw users(.omwaddon), you can try to change it (.esp), and it would work, but i do not support/fix any new bugs that arises from it.