Roleplay Options for Great House Hlaalu by Written by Caeris and Edited by Luj1
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*Only requires vanilla Morrowind.esm


Ever wanted to arrest the murderer of Ralen Hlaalo and see him again in Fort Moonmoth's prisons instead of having to attack him in public and receive a bounty? Well now you can. What about that quest where you fetch a Daedric Wakazashi and have to hand it over to the quest giver in exchange for only five hundred gold? Have you ever wanted to convince her to let you keep it? Well now you can.

This mod adds several new ways of completing persuasion quests and such for House Hlaalu through skill and faction checks (similar to the Skyrim/Fallout:NV system). If you have played my "Free the Slaves" mod it is very similar to that only it applies the same kind of options to House Hlaalu quests.  Furthermore, just like in Skyrim when you choose a skill check (like Speechcraft) and surpass it, your level in that skill will increase slightly. 

Overall this brings a welcome change to the Morrowind dialogue system that I plan to expand further into other faction questline. The original plan was to merge this with the other two houses changed as well, but I figured I was a bit burned out from completing this one that I'd better release it now and see what people think than release it ten years later and have it be awful. 

Compatibility & Recommended Mods

This mod should be compatible with pretty much every mod out there. The only changes this mod makes is to quest dialogue, a minor change of ownership for a chest containing documents in the Hlaalu Records, and an NPC that's enabled in Fort Moonmoth prisons if you choose to arrest them.

I also highly recommend playing this mod alongside Antares' Big Mod, as it actually makes each rank you achieve feel worth more. It does more than just that though, check out his page for more info. (For OpenMW users, the mod-list says that a very old version of it is not compatible but no one has said anything about his latest version, it works fine for me though.)


Let's be honest, you probably all know how to install mods normally anyway, and this is no different.
Drag and drop the .esp into your Morrowind Data Files, enable it in the launcher or through an external
programme like Wyre Mash etc. and you're good to go.

Future Plans

Luj1 & I will begin working on the next installment, "Roleplay options for the Morag Tong", in the next week or so. I am not sure how long it will take for this to be released.