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Just a Small Patch for a Bloodmoon armor and small items.

Version 2.0b (maybe I lost some textures or something else wrong).
*2.0 it's a global system patches for Symphony.
Morrowind + Tribunal + Bloodmoon.
- it's a BSA archive!
- Separate .ESP files (en\ru) You can use it with and Without Symphony's Master Files!
And without Symphony .BSA files!
It`s an separate plugin.

That's new:
- All armors:
+ Wolf, Snow wolf.
+ Bear, Snow bear.
+ Skaal's armors.
+ all BM ingredients.
+ all BM new items.
+ all BM books. (changes settings ->scrolls, enchants, values, remove some References Persists flag)
+ all new other small stuff in BM. Light, potions.
+ change some enchants and spells.
+ Snow armors now is a powerful with scripting.
+ All helmets and greaves got special scripts for change them under Argonians.

- No change for Snow Prince armor.
- No change for Hircine keys.
And no change for Creatures.
Just only armors and some other small stuff.
Don`t equip any bear and wolf armors in last Carnius Quest!
The script changed IDE of helmets and greaves! It's can make a problems to finish it.
07-09 2017 HH`12
For 15 anniversary of the Morrowind! :D