Service Refusal for Corprus Meat and Human Flesh by Caeris
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Service Refusal for Corprus Meat and Human Flesh
*Only requires Vanilla Morrowind .esm.
*Originally called EJ-12's Crazy Idea but renamed to this.
*I couldn't think of a better name so I just went with it.

Update Note: If you are using Morrowind Rebirth then this is already incorporated. (Corprus Meat will be added later, but there are other items added to their service refusal list)


So there I was, I had just uploaded a mod to the Nexus after having seen a mod request in the Morrowind Modding Community discord. I was still kinda bored, but that's when I scrolled up a little and found EJ-12's idea for this mod. I couldn't help myself so I created what he had requested, it's simple but it works well. If you like small and clean immersion mods that don't do too much except add a little more hint of realism into your game, then this is a good mod for you.

Ever wondered why traders were disgusted when you tried to barter with them with moon sugar or skooma in your bags but not when you were carrying literal disease infested hunks of flesh? Well so did EJ-12! He came up with the idea that you should be refused services if you're caught with them. So this mod does exactly that, enjoy.

But wait... there's more! I also did the same for human flesh! Now if you're carrying human flesh around you'll get a similar service refusal... unless you're trading with one of the vampire clans that is.


Let's be honest, you probably all know how to install mods normally anyway, and this is no different.
Drag and drop the .esp into your Morrowind Data Files, enable it in the launcher or through an external 
programme like Wyre Mash etc. and you're good to go.