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Adds normal maps and parallax maps for Lougian's Landscape Retexture. Requires the original mod and OpenMW.

Permissions and credits
Requires OpenMW and Lougian's Landscape Retexture 2k

I uploaded parallax maps with redone normal maps for most of the textures in the Ascadian Isles, Bitter Coast, and West Gash, as an optional file. You can put these in the same folder as the original normal maps if you don't want to delete the normals, the game will use the parallax maps instead anyway. I think they look very good but some might see them as ugly which is why I put them as optional. Please tell me what you think, I might parallax the entire texture pack if people like the effect. I added a couple of screenshots of it, check them out.

I have permission from Lougian for this mod.
So lately I've been obsessed with OpenMW's normal mapping feature since I tried Lysol's normal mapped retexture mods, and while I possess no texturing ability of my own (yet) I badly wanted to see the effect on Lougian's excellent landscape textures. I spent a couple of hours learning and experimenting
and this is the result. If anyone has any criticisms or suggestions please leave a comment, a few days ago I didn't even know what a normal
map was.

In order for this to work you need to add these lines to your OpenMW settings.cfg located in ~Documents\My Games\OpenMW
auto use terrain normal maps = true
auto use terrain specular maps = true
terrain specular map pattern = _diffusespec
normal map pattern = _n
normal height map pattern = _nh

Install my files in your data folder, or create another folder and paste the path into your openmw.cfg. Note I haven't done the Bloodmoon retexture. I'll probably do it in an update.