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This is a STAND ALONE BETA version of a companion mod for Morrowind Rebirth. It adds 10 mercenary companions around Vvardenfel. It does NOT require Morrowind Rebirth to test/ use/ play this modification.

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Auto Levelling companions for Morrowind Rebirth By RubberMan - 2nd September 2017 - V1.07 Beta

My Personal Morrowind Blog


Companion Read me
Everything here applies to all 10 possible companions.
Companions are cable of;
1. Following and waiting for player
2. Can be set to wait outside buildings and will auto follow when player exits
3. Can share/ carry equipment
4. Can/ will levitate when player does
5. Can/ will water walk when player does
6. Can/ will cast intervention spells
7. Can/ will cast recall spell (only to external cells)
8. Can leave players service when asked and another companion can then be hired
9. Will tell the player (via messagebox) when they are injured
10. If the companion dies all will be reset and another companion can be hired
All companions on joining the player will set their skills according to the players with the exception
of one specific skill depending on class. i.e. Assassin will start with 50 ShortBlade regardless of
players Shortblade skill level unless that is higher.
All companions will learn from the player at certain intervals and improve their own skills to match
the player.
[Note: This is achieved by the companion counting the number of times the player raises a skill by
listening for the skillraise sound and adding it up.]
All companions can be asked about their skills and will display a list of the their current skill levels
+ the percentage of health they are at.
Some companions have simple dialogue regarding location or the weather and sometimes a quest you are on.
Companions can be found wandering around various towns.
Ebonheart, Balmora, Sadrith Mora, Hla Oad, Khuul, Tel Mora, Caldera, Dagon Fel, Ald-Ruhn and Pelagiad
Fixes/ Adjustments since V1.06
Companion skill increase slowed down if player uses training.