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War Kagouti Companion
by Melchior Dahrk
Version 1.0

Take an armored kagouti into battle with you as a companion. Change out her armor to give her different abilities. Send her hunting for rats. Make a friend!

About this mod:
In July 2017, I held my 2nd Follower Appreciation Event through my Tumblr blog in which the Grand Prize was a mod of choice. The winner, beetlekayleigh, requested "a Kagouti companion decked out in Ashlander war armor".

Playing the mod:
Travel to the Erabenimsun Camp in the Molag Amur region and talk to a warrior in chitin armor named Tinti. He is interested in selling a well trained war kagouti to a worthy companion.
If you lose your kagouti, you can call her back with a kagouti caller which Tinti will give you.
If you want to give Mausi an upgrade, head to Ebonheart and there is a new outfitter in town who will sell custom armor for her (below the steps up to Castle Ebonheart from the Hawkmoth Towers). Each set comes with its own perks, for a price:
- Daedric "Vvardenfell" set: With this heavy armor, Mausi can take a beating and has a Daedric Health ability to slowly replenish health
- Mournhold "Tribunal" set: The "City of Magic" lives up to its name by giving Mausi high Reflect and a custom spell
- Solstheim "Bloodmoon" set: Bestowed with the ferocious spirit of the Nords, Mausi's attacks will pack a hard punch in this lightweight armor
The default Ashlander armor comes with double the carry capacity of the purchased armors. So decide what is preferable to you as you cannot swap armor during combat and Mausi will become overencumbered if you switch to an armor which puts her over the carry capacity.

Conflicts and Compatibility:
Does not currently have a compatibility patch for Tyddy's Kagouti model and texture replacer. There will be a visual difference between Mausi and other kagouti if you use that mod.

Greatness7 - for his great companion script and EXTENSIVE scripting help

Please contact me before incorporating this into any mod or before redistributing this on a different hosting site. If I am unable to be reached for over 3 months, please feel free to upload this complete mod to another mod site.

V1.0 - Initial release