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This is a final update. (An earlier version of this mod was upload at Mod Jobs,,in Mar. 15 2013). This final version has been completely clean with the "Enchanted Editor" by Farren Hayden. Deleted many cells
that did not belong. You will need 7zip to open the file. Down load it here "htt

Permissions and credits
This mod has a few new things.
Has two very powerful weapons.
Has two new potions. One for speed and one for Magicka.
Mercenaries, that you can hire, in the Wizard's House in Seyda Neen and they will follow you no matter 
how fast you are running.
New meshes for plants, furniture, and houses. Meshes created with the old version of blender by me. 
New Textures. Corel Draw was used for textures. Some textures were free from the internet.
Some textures I bought many years ago, back the the 1980s. I use corel draw to make some. 
Two quests. One quest is easy. The other requires you to be at a high level.
You should do this quest. They take you to very interesting places.
Has houses that you walk into not teleport to. These houses are in Seyda Neen.
Has two houses that are locked.  You need to do the quests to get the keys.
One of the locked houses is in Seyda Neen. The other is out side of Balmora (South Gate).
These houses have goodies.
It has new spells:
Elemental Blast
Fire Blast
Fly Fast
Summon 3Winged Twilight
Summon 3Greater Bonewalker
Summon 3Skeletal Minion
Summon 3Flame Atronach
3Dwemer Animunculi
My Gold Saint
My Invisibility
You can buy these spells at Seyda Neen from Zackery, and at Caldera from Cellestra and Fallanaamo.
"My gold saint" and "summon winged twilight" are multi-summoning spells.
They summon three saints and three winged twilights each spell.
When you summon the creatutes, they first appear as one and thats because  the 
three creatutes are overlapping. Once you move around in the Morrowind world the creatures 
will separate into three. The spell were made to work all the time. You can summon three
saint and three twilights at the same time.
These summon creatures have impoved follow script by Lurlock
I only used two lines from the script.
ALWAYS backup your savegame before using a new mod. Use of this mod is strictly 
at your own risk. The author is not liable or responsible for 
any problems which may result from the use of this mod.
I have played the mod several times and have not had any problems.
Also, I have installed the mod after I have played morrowind for awhile and 
it did not invalidate the savegame.
First this mod requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon!!!
This mod will conflict with other mods that modify Seyda Neen.
This mod is a cheat if you use some of the items in the mod.