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This is a simple mod that fleshes out Jobasha's bookshop in Vivec by adding many more books for sale to the shelves and tables.


Ever felt like Jobasha's rare books shop seemed a bit... lacking?  This curious character from Morrowind's main quest line is supposed to be a devoted connoisseur of rare books, a passionate collector, and yet his shop features little more than a handful of unimpressively common books sitting on shelves that are mostly empty.  We'll, this mod aims to change that.  I have added many MANY more books to fill his previously empty shelves, most of which are rare/uncommon.  I specifically went through the construction set to pick out the books that had the fewest number of copies placed throughout the vanilla game world.  Now Jobasha's Rare Books is a REAL rare books shop.


This mod does NOT remove any of the books that were placed in the shop in the vanilla game, however it DOES move some of them around.  Also please note that quite a few of the new books ARE skill books, however I tried to keep them to a minimum in order to avoid being "cheaty".

To get the most out of this mod I HIGHLY recommend that you install the "Book Jackets" mod by Daleth which replaces the generic book textures with unique ones for each book.

You can download Book Jackets here.

This mod has been cleaned with the enchanted editor.


This mod will not be compatible with any other mod that changes the interior of Jobasha's Rare Books.

I made this mod to be compatible with Morrowind Rebirth.