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v2.0 BY AlyMar1994


1. Description
2. Changelog
3. FAQ
4. Compatibility
5. Credits




This simple mod adds more loading screens from the released Morrowind wallpapers from the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages Project, found here, along with some cut splash screens that Bethesda Game Studios didn't put in Morrowind. See the gallery for what loading screens the mod adds.

The installation instructions and othersuch are included inside the README.txt file. See changelog for more various information.

This mod is my very first one, and it shows due to how simple it is. Your endorsement and comment are more appreciated than you might think!




v2.0 - Release/Addition: Added three (3) new, aparently cut, loading screens from a private source that wants to stay anonymous....for some reason. /shrug. These include: The CLIFFRACER, the STEAM CENTURION, and the DUSTY ALIT. All default Morrowind styled, not Tribunal or Bloodmoon.

v1.0 - Release/Addition: Added various wallpapers (that are not included already) from the UESP .png reuploads to the game. Got it all to work.




Q 1: Why is the mod not working?!!?!??!?!

A 1: You most likely didn't follow the instructions, in turn not installing it properly.

Q 2: How will I know this'll work? I haven't seen the screens in-game....

A 2: The loading screens in-game are selected randomly by the game from the Splash folder. If you haven't seen one of the new ones, it's probably just rotten luck. This mod does add quite a few loading screens, and increases the total size a quite a bit.

Q 3: Why are the screens so stretched in the previews?

A 3: Morrowind's splash screen system was made for use in 4:3 ratios, and in turn I have to stretch the screens to BE in 4:3. Don't worry though, this is how the base game does it too! The screens were originally 1024x768 in aspect ratio, and to fit all 4:3 ratios, Bethesda forced them into 1024x1024, so it scales properly on all computers! I just did this too, so don't worry. The screens can also scale BACK to 1024x768 automatically, or whatever resolution your game runs at. No worries! Don't believe me? Look at the wallpapers on UESP that ARE in game, then open up the game's same .TGA file.




Unless some mod uses the exact name as the .tga screens as in this mod (e.g: MLSE_Splash_Tribunal_FabricantDragon), this mod should be compatible with any more loading screens mod, or any loading screens in general.




AlyMar1994 - Creator of the mod, resizing loading screens and conversions for use in Morrowind.

Lilith - Editing both The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon Bethesda crediting text out of the screens.

The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages Project - Uploading the backgrounds for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Bethesda Game Studios - Creating The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, along with these loading screens/wallpapers.