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Extending the amount of Morrowind's loading screens since August of 2017.

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By AlyMar1994

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1. Description
2. Changelog
3. P.A.Q. (Possible-Asked-Questions)
4. Compatibility
5. Requirements



Morrowind Loading Screens Extended ("M.L.S.E."/"MLSE") extends the amount of loading screens ("splash screens"/"splashes") in Morrowind, by adding official, publicly released wallpapers (created by Bethesda for Morrowind's promotion back in 2002), from the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages Project ("U.E.S.P.") found here, along with some extra splashes that Bethesda had cut from Morrowind during its development. MLSE adds splashes of three different styles: one resembling the base-game's design, and the other two styles resembling that of the expansions:

  • Morrowind-styled   (MLSE_Splash_Morrowind_)   -  "Default"-styled tan parchment with a monster render; has "THE ELDER SCROLLS III: MORROWIND" on splash.
  • Tribunal-styled        (MLSE_Splash_Tribunal_)       -  Red background with a Tribunal character/monster render; has "THE ELDER SCROLLS III: TRIBUNAL" on splash.
  • BloodMoon-styled  (MLSE_Splash_BloodMoon_)  -  Snowy backgrounds with a character/monster render; has "THE ELDER SCROLLS III: BLOODMOON" on splash.

(Be sure to see the gallery to see the newly added splashes if you cannot open the .TGA ("TARGA") files yourself!)

If you don't want to use a certain splash/style, the files are easily sorted for the user's convenience! Just delete the style/splash you don't want (E.G: If you wanna delete BloodMoon's splashes, delete the files starting with "MLSE_Splash_BloodMoon." Same with Tribunal or Morrowind ["MLSE_Splash_Tribunal," "MLSE_Splash_Morrowind"]).

The installation instructions and othersuch are included inside the README.txt file. See changelog for more information regarding updates, what they add, and what's new.

This mod is my very first one, and I'm sure it's obvious by how simple it is. I appreciate the endorsements given so far!

NOTE: One image used in the gallery is borked. The "Nerevar Guard" image (Ordinator?), as I use that for the page's image header, is stretched and cropped badly in the preview gallery. This is not how it looks in-game; normally it looks like the rest of the Tribunal splashes. I'm sorry!


The changelog below details all updates the mod has undergone! The updates themselves have been codenamed (for fun, really).

v2.1 "NEREVAR"
-Fixing: Re-converted files from the source again to fix some artifacts and other issues. QUITE A FEW FILES HAVE ALSO BEEN RENAMED! You will want to delete all the files starting with "MLSE_" in your "Splash" folder, so when you re-install for the mod for the update so you don't have duplicate splashes!

-Addition: Added three new, apparently cut splashes, including: The CLIFFRACER, the STEAM CENTURION, and the DUSTY ALIT. All default Morrowind styled.

-Addition: Release! Added various wallpapers (that are not included already) from the UESP .png reuploads to Morrowind.



Q 1: Why is the mod not working?!!?!??!?!
A 1: You most likely didn't follow the instructions, in turn not installing it properly.

Q 2: How will I know this'll work? I haven't seen the loading screens in-game....
A 2: The splashes in-game are selected randomly by the game from the "Splash" folder, and as far as I'm aware can't be installed by using a .BSA archive/.ESP whatever (so it's a tad more messy). If you haven't seen one of the new splashes, it's probably just rotten luck.

On modern computers, the game loads very fast, so it might not get a chance to display a new splash instantly, as generally it'll only display one-to-three splashes every time you play (one or two when you launch and enter, one when you exit).

Q 3: Why are the images in the previews stretched so vertically?
A 3: Morrowind was designed for computers in 4:3 resolution (not widescreen) since widescreen monitors weren't really a thing at the time of it's release (2002). They were generally squares, not rectangles. What the original Bethesda employees did was stretch their original splashes from 1280x720 to 1024x1024 so it rescales properly in-game, which is exactly what I did for this mod.

Don't worry! if you're using a widescreen resolution, the game will just stretch it to that widescreen like it did with 4:3 monitors, only horizontally instead of vertically. I still recommend a monitor that can use 4:3 resolutions, though (1920x1200, 2560x1600, blah).



Unless some mod uses the exact name as the .TGA screens as in this mod (e.g: MLSE_Splash_Tribunal_FabricantDragon.tga), this mod should be compatible with any other splash mod.



Nothing what-so-ever is required to use this mod (other than installing it, and owning Morrowind, dummy)! While I do suggest you use the official expansions (and the official plugins, also found on the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Project here after they were taken down from Morrowind's ElderScrolls.Com site), nothing other than the base game is required to use this mod.

If there is a mod that, somehow, requires this mod to run, I am not aware of that mod existing (though I have no problem with both: not knowing it exists, nor having a mod require this one [somehow] :P).


I hope you enjoy my minor change to the game!