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Want to see how much real time Morrowind (on OpenMW) is taking from your real life?

This OpenMW mod tracks real time played on a character, with (default) hourly notices. A console script allows manual checking of character age.

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   PlayedTime mod for OpenMW
NOTE: I've found there's also a built-in OpenMW option (via config file editing) to show a similar counter with save games - see the  OpenMW Save game options documentation and the Comemnts/Posts sticky for this mod discussing the differences in how they count time.

For the original Morrowind engine please see the cut down port - "PlayedTime for Morrowind"

The PlayedTime mod adds a periodic notice of how long the current character has been played (or, alternatively, how much unproductive time I've spent playing...).
Each full hour plays the subtle "crystal ringing" sound. Each full day is celebrated with bell chimes (a different sequence each day).

The console command "startscript PlayedTime" can be used to view age at any time and display interval is configurable.
For ongoing games (with more than an estimated half hour of play) the player is prompted to optionally set played time to an estimate based on the in-game clock.

Play time and configurable mod settings are stored in save files and will be restored when loading a game to continue your temporal adventure.

First OpenMW mod for me - thanks go to "Morrowind Scripting for Dummies 9" and the great work by the OpenMW team.