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Lodgers of Shimmering Palace hate their lord. Learn mystery of old palace lord, discover Shinning Dark pocket sphere. Rule Shimmering palace, build new chambers, rent (or summon) guards, travel with companions, customise your new home, be proud with your achievements in Private Room and more!

Permissions and credits
Sat'hayaa Asnatanaa (Shimmering Palace II) by ARHIZ
Version: 1.1
Unzip the files to Morrowind/Data Files, activate the "Sat'hayaa Asnatanaa
(Shimmering Palace II) v1.1" plug-in in the Launcher. 
Lodgers of Shimmering Palace hate their lord. Learn mystery of old palace lord, discover
Shinning Dark pocket sphere. Rule Shimmering palace, build new chambers, rent
(or summon) guards, travel with companions, customise your new home, be pried
with your achievements in Private Room and more!
To startfind Altmer named Sillmallirion in The Flowers of Gold in Vivec. 
Have fun!
I didn't find any incompatibilities. If you find any, let mi know.
Changes in version 1.1:
-         Added new weapons: Gold Scimitars, ofensive and defensive.
-         Corrected bugs in dialogs.
-         Corrected script of Hasallan.
-         Added missing nicks to credits.
-         Corrected meshes in Hurquil’s Home.
-         Added some soaps and shampoos.
-         Added dialogs for Bathroom Service.
-         Added new icon for Masataah Robe.
-         Deleted unnecessary chairs in rooms of Asnatanaa (better transition).
-         Added some plants in Main Chamber of Asnatanaa.
-         Changed Masataah Robe value to 2000.
-         Edited prices of some artefacts in Asnatanaa.
-         Added new companion – Antaress.
-         Added Nolore script for Masataah, Hasallaan and Asrayaa.
-         Changed localisation of one of Shinning Dark Eggs (easier to found).
-         Changed polish language name “Zjawa Cienia” to “Shadow Wrath”.
-         Corrected readme.
-         Changed health left of Frog Boots from 0 to 500 (more expensive).
-         Changed lights in Halls of the Dark.
-         Added illegal sleep restriction in Shinning Dark Realm (besides beds).
-         Corrected mistakes in names of weapons.
-         Changed Rahdeaa alarm setting from 0 to 100.
-         Rahdeaa now has a Topaz Sword.
Suggested mods:
Better bodies – it’s not necessary, but some clothing is not fully compatible with vanilla body models.
A_D_I_1 – scripts.
Akavir& AprilYSH - Kione hairstyle meshes and textures. 
Alaisiagrae - Morag Tong armour meshes and textures. 
Aleanne - clothes and armour meshes and textures. 
Autoclock- dwemer train resource.
Arathrax - head meshes and textures.
Bob theVisigoth - armour meshes and textures. 
Cali - BB mannequins scripts, meshes and textures.
CanadianIce - clothes meshes and textures. 
Carnithus - meshes and textures for Vampire Lair.
Cheydin – Cephalopod Armour meshes and textures.
Clavis - static models meshes and textures.
CuteUnit - Runescorched armour and weapons meshes and textures.
Daduke - Monk Beads meshes and textures. 
Danke - Cephalopod Armour meshes and textures.
Darknut - base textures for armours and weapons. 
Dennis aka Grumpy - companions scripts and dialogs.
Despair - sorted alchemy scripts, pots meshes and textures.
Detritus2004 - khajiit faces meshes and textures.
Emma - faces meshes and textures.
Faelian – argonian horns meshes and textures.
JoelBraddock (a.k.a. Mantodea) - The Coat meshes and Shu Armour meshes and textures. 
Junkmail - The Male Boots mesh.
Kalian - hairs meshes and textures. 
Karpik777- scripts, meshes, achievements concept and modding support.
Katana3DG – meshes.
Korana- many meshes and textures for faces, bathroom content, fairy race and clothes.
Golgotha- face textures.
KWQ – meshes.
Gorg - argonian head tongue animation, models.
Keazen - clothes models and textures.
Koniptions - plants meshes and textures.  
Mandamus - hair meshes and textures.
Marek – scripts.
Mel - hairs and faces meshes and textures.
Midegetalien - daedra lamp mesh.
Mjy - hair meshes and textures.
Moritius –meshes.
Msz4 -meshes and textures.
MTG - Indoril-daedric armour meshes and textures.
NioLiv - clothes meshes and textures. 
Oriphier - white and green demon race concept, meshes and textures.
Quarl - many meshes and textures for static models, faces and clothes.
Phijama - armour, clothes and weapons meshes and textures.
Plangkye - clothes meshes and textures.
PsychodogStudios - faces and body meshes and textures.
Ranzeekins- faces models and textures.
Ren - hair meshes and textures. 
Rhedd -face meshes.
RTS andOom Fooyat - throne - meshes and textures.
Silaria& Neuman - The Pants mesh and base texture. 
SiliconBros - weapon meshes and textures.
Slof -Ladinee face mesh and texture.
Stuporstar- meshes, textures, library scripts (from mod Marc Mori's Estate) and dialogs for librarian from mod Uvirith's Legacy.  
TamrielRebuild Team – static models and armours meshes and textures (files are from Tamriel Reuild BSA).
TextureFreak- curtains meshes and textures.  
TommyKhajiit - static models meshes and textures.  
Unknownauthor - shaman staff mesh and base textures. 
UQF - facemodels and textures.
VagabondAnge l– meshes and textures.
Vurt - threes meshes and textures.
WizThis - face meshes and textures.
Xiamara - armour meshes and textures. 
I sent alot of e-mails to mod authors. If, despite this, you are an author and you want
me to delete any of your content, or if you claim your name should be in this
list, necessarily contact me.
Thanks to:
All Morrowind modding community - for support and inspiration, without you this mod never be created!
Bethesda -for created one of my favourite games
BrunO -for inspiration
Duke Nathan – for scripts support
Farren Hayden - for creating Morrowind Enchanced Editor
Makak –for tips and support
Special thanks to:
Saira -for patience...
Sham - for support, tips, beta testing and more
Did you find any errors? Do you have any suggestions? Or maybe you like the mod? 
My e-mail: 
[email protected]