Shattered Stones - An Earthquake Mod by Greatness7 and R-Zero feat vtastek
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Rise from darkness, Red Mountain!
Spread your dark clouds and green vapors!
Birth earthquakes, shatter stones!
Feed the winds with fire!
Flay the tents of the tribes from the land!
Feed the burned earth with our souls!

- The Five Far Stars

Shattered Stones - An Earthquake Mod
Scripting - Greatness7
Models and Sounds - R-Zero
Shaders - vtastek

Note: this mod requires MGE XE.
Latest version of MCP with CellChanged fix enabled is highly recommended!

This mod adds recurring earthquakes to certain volcanically active regions of Vvardenfell. The quakes are implemented strictly for atmospheric purposes and should not directly affect gameplay or conflict with any other mods.

How it works:

While you're in the designated region (interior or exterior, see the map), a background script will periodically roll for a chance to spawn an earthquake. If the roll succeeds, an earthquake will begin proper and you will experience the various effects associated with them: you'll hear the sounds of moving earth and breaking rocks, your screen will start to tremble with increasing intensity, and, if inside an interior, dust and particles will shake loose and fall from the walls and ceiling.

Location where the earthquakes can take place:

To quickly take a look at how the earthquakes look, you can just use the following console commands:

set fQuakeTimer to 10
set fQuakeChance to 100
coc Mababi

 !!! Installation Instructions !!!

To install this mod, first unpack the contents of the archive to your Morrowind folder.
Then you'll need to add the screen shake shader to your MGE XE active shader chain by following these steps: