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A growing collection of tweaks for hardcore and strange purposes. All my alterations and tweakings of fundamental Morrowind dwell here. NPCs on the verge of killing you, weapons with half durability, crates and urns in the city now owned by the city guard, and loss of any talent your character may have. That's just the beginning.

Permissions and credits
Rack a' Tweaks is a collection of tweaks editing crucial factors of Morrowind. Whatever alterations to how the vanilla game fundamentally functions will be dumped here. No sense in uploading a bunch of little tweaks all over the nexus. Any way to change up the Morrowind experience from a simplistic standpoint interests me. 

Part of the May Modathon Month

Halved Durability
Breath of the Wild took things too far with its paper thin weapons but Morrowind took it too far with things that 
never were at risk of breaking if you remember durability exists. So I cut the durability of most weapons in half. I 
tended to avoid already flimsy weapons. Armor as well. 
-Halves durability for most weapons across Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon.

Troubled Youth
Most people suck at most things. However your character starts off average at most and talented in quite a few from 
the get-go. I'm not going to infect you with normality. I'm gonna make you pretty terrible at most things so you can 
finally sympathize with the NPCs who have to do deal with your n'wah behind.
-Halves all starting attributes of the vanilla races.

Hardships of an Outlander
-A faction the player joins called "Outlander".
-Many npcs part of the faction "Inlander" that hates your faction.
-NPCs in factions are set to hate the Outlander faction just as much.
-A book in the last part of the Census Office that makes you join the Outlander faction.
(Due to time constraints, only Seyda Neen and random npcs throughout the game are affected for demo purposes.)
(Don't worry, Fargoth hates your outlander behind.)

Illegal Crates
If the NPCs aren't kind and courteous, the crates and barrels are literally opening themselves to you. This level of 
intimacy should be illegal. And now it is. The guards own them and if they find you digging in them, they'll own you.
-Containers in Balmora's exterior are now owned and illegal to take from.
(Due to time constraints, only containers outside Balmora are affected at the moment.)
Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon. Not making separate versions.
Move the esp files you want into the Data Folder in the Morrowind folder. There's no meshes or textures or anything else, just esps. Make sure to click them in the launcher or whatever mod manager program you use.
The only mods that will conflict with these plugins are mods that affect what they affect. My mods have been cleaned and are just tweaks. At worst, there's a couple crates moved a centimeter back or forward. So just know what the mods you jam in do and of course it's best to place these mods further in the load order.
Just me, Blueclock....