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Randomizes the locations of 49 legendary Morrowind items.

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==2nd Place Morrowind May Modathon 2017==

Morrowind Randomizer
by mort and Greatness7
version 1.0

===What is it?===

This mod randomizes the locations of 49 legendary items. They can be in chests, on NPCs, or in the wild. Many locations are new, some of them previously had these legendary items in them before. 
Also makes only one of each daedric weapon/armor appear in game (except Divayth Fyr) (Don't use this with my One-of-a-Kind mod)

===Why does it make only one copy of daedric items?===
To make finding one all that more special

===What does it affect?===
---No items that are needed for quests--- 

A variety of NPCs and containers that aren't normally touched by other mods. No dialogue is changed for maximum compatibility. 
All items listed as being in this mod are removed from their original placements, put into a randomized list, and spawned at gamestart. 

Every daedric weapon
Every daedric armor
Auriel's Shield
Denstagmer's Ring
Dragonbone Cuirass
Eleidon's Ward
Fang of Haynekhtnamet
Staff of Hasedoki
Mentor's Ring
Ring of Phynaster
Randagulf Gauntlet L / R
Savior's Cuirass
Bow of Shadows
Ten Pace Boots
Vampiric Ring
Mace of Slurring
Whitewalker Robes
---49 items in total---

Divayth Fyr is untouched, Helseth is untouched

There's an oracle stone near the shore by the Shrine of Azura. Once a day you can listen to the stone's whispers and it'll list a location of a treasure. Yes it might repeat itself, I'm thinking of a more immersive way for later version of the mod.

Are you looking for something in particular? Perhaps you shouldn't have loaded the randomizer :)
If you seriously think your game is bugged and something doesn't exist in it, let me know. I can give you some console commands to find its location using my handy decoder ring/text file.

Put esp in file and activate, then run MW.

You'll be stalled for a second or two as it randomizes your game, then you'll see a messagebox saying you're good to go. You can use it on old saved games as long as you haven't done very much. If you touched or loaded any NPC or container with a randomized item you're outta luck. USE A NEW SAVE IF POSSIBLE

Optional file: Vassir-Didanat Nerfed, replaces the easy daedric rewards with ebony equivalents. Not necessary but I enjoy it.

Compatible with everything except mods that mess with containers or npcs. Moving them is probably fine, changing them like Rebirth? Probably not. Nothing is never not fixable, let me know if you find an issue. Unless it's rebirth, then please don't message me because I know.

Greatness7 for a lot of script help