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Loot Well Urned
An Ancestral Tomb Loot Enhancement Mod
By Pseunomix

"Part of the May Modathon Month!"


I always found it dull that the only loot you could find in urns
was bonemeal. I imagined that some of the deceased would of wanted
to be buried with their relished treasure so I created this mod to
add more variety of loot to these urns.
Playing the Mod:
This mod adds loot to urns in all ancestral tombs!
Items in these urns are based on "chance-to-find" in a randomly
generated leveled list (an average of 1 in 6 urns will have extra

Most of these items fit the flavor of things you might find in
a burial urn (nothing oversized or heavy, like armor or battle axes.
You'll find things like daggers, scrolls, rings, flowers, ect.)


At the end of each Ancestral Tomb Dungeon, you will find a
large urn that will contain unique loot. Each Ancestral Tomb will
have a different powerful and unique relic that you can collect and
use. (Things like full suits of ancestral armor, magical weapons,
family relics or powerful scrolls.)


Just place the LootWellUrned.Esp into you morrowind data files
When updating to a newer version, just replace the LootWellUrned.Esp
with the new uploaded Esp in you morrowind data files folder
V1.1 Changes

 - Changes and balances to unique relics


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