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  1. ritiyu
    • supporter
    • 298 posts
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    I'd love to try this mod but it makes the game crash on start. Fresh install, only activated mod.

    edit: not working with fedora 28 but works fine under manjaro xfce
    1. oxaryequinox
      • member
      • 249 posts
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      you should report this bug in openmw bugs section. go to forums or gitlab
  2. AndalTheManhunter
    • member
    • 23 posts
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    I have read the description of this mod, I think I understand what this is, but not quite sure I do.

    I arrived here because I wanted to find a mod that has the natural progression of skills and attributes as we observe in the natural world. The more you use something, the better it gets, the less you use it, the worse it gets. I believe thats what was said in the description, can anyone confirm this for me?

    My thoughts were that you had a base line racially, affected by class, that you could not degrade under. That reaching level 100 would be virtually impossible as the sheer amount of effort to obtain that level of skill would be extreme. Instead of leveling up and setting attributes, they would rise and fall with your skills to reflect the impact of activities on the body. I never liked how rigid the game was with leveling.

    If what im describing is anywhere close to this mod, can someone please reply and let me know how close I got?
  3. Skkragggh
    • supporter
    • 192 posts
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    I've been enjoying the mod on a new character so far, but I came across some unexpected behaviour when I cast a Drain Skill spell prior to purchasing some training (the intent was to get some cheap training in Endurance skills). Please check the Bugs section for more detail.
  4. Spodah
    • member
    • 4 posts
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    I like this mod, especially compared to how vanilla Morrowind handles leveling and attribute increases, but I really feel like a starting character should be able to join all the guilds as usual even if you aren't specifically trying to make a balanced character to get all your attributes at or above 30. Especially if you don't even set the attribute progression to slow.
  5. Otolith
    • member
    • 37 posts
    • 1 kudos
    I have endorsed your mod.

    I've used it for two playthroughs. The first (OpenMW 0.43.0) was fairly limited: I was just testing a variety of mods, including yours. The second (OpenMW 0.44.0) was quite substantial: many dozens of hours played; character reached Level 80.

    I do like the way I can role-play and concentrate on appropriate skills. With that 2nd playthrough, playing a mage character, a number of magic skills were around the 100 mark or higher, while thief-type skills remained in single digits.

    For your consideration, two things I'd like to see handled differently.

    1. Both times using this mod, my character started at Level 4. I would much prefer to always start at Level 1. By the way, I believe that also affects your initial interaction with Caius: I seem to remember dialogue along the lines of "I see you've been adventuring for some time." or something like that.

    2. Dropping back to Base75+SkillMastery25 causes problems with (high-level) faction advancement where only the Base is considered. I got around this issue by increasing a skill via the console, getting the advancement, then decreasing the skill to its previous value. A Base90+SkillMastery10, with subsequent SkillMastery increments of 10, would fix this; no doubt, there's other ways for you to handle this.

    Also related to that second point, I seem to recall potions made at Alchemy100 were weaker than those at Alchemy99. That's somewhat from (possibly faulty) memory; however, any calculations using the Base skill separate from skill modifiers could be affected by Base99+1 = Base75+Fortified25.

    I've just installed OpenMW 0.45.0 and will be using your mod again. Hopefully, when 0.46.0 comes out, one or both of my wishlist items may have been fulfilled.
  6. GAOBR
    • supporter
    • 101 posts
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    How do I change settings after I started the game with this?
  7. dda50
    • member
    • 91 posts
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    Every time i reconnect to my server, i have to drink the potion again and it messes up my stats completely
  8. KoboFox
    • member
    • 3 posts
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    Hey, sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, but does your overall character level still increase with this mod active?

    EDIT - Nevermind, just managed to level up. Thought I had been increasing more skills than I actually had, my fault.
  9. ankhazuul
    • member
    • 5 posts
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    Hey, I love your mod, can't play without it. I've got a slight doubts about how werewolf change works - it gets me to level 44 from 16, increases attributes pretty randomly whether I keep them or revert... Does it work as it should? Have you tested it with werewolf change?
    I wish it worked with Werewolf Evolution, but it kills me after change, or, if I go to the menu and all the calculations are made during pause, it gets me first to lev 44, then - 96, with stats around 1000, skills around 300, etc. Maybe you could incorporate W.E. into your mod the same way you've done it with Magicka Based Skill Progression?
  10. Acearl
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    I got a question when using this with tes3mp. How many primary skill points does it take for an attribute to increase? it cant be increasing 4 attribute points at any skill level up. I mean if I have axe at 40 and it goes to 41. How much does that increase the stregnth attribute? I know it is squared but at what point does it increase the attribute?