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-Corprus is now a real disease spread by corprus stalkers/shamblers/ash vampires
-Corprus now has many stages of infection, culminating with you turning into a mindless corprus zombie
-Makes the attribute changes from Corprus permanent.
-Adds more corprus dialogue and alters main quest dialogue to reflect this

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Part of the Morrowind May Modathon

"Immersive is just a buzzword for when you can't think of a reason your mod is actually good"

Immersive Corprus
by mort
v. 1.0

What's it do?
-Corprus Stalkers and Lame Corprus' can spread corprus through melee attacks. Ash Vampires and 6th House members / dreamers cannot spread corprus.
-Makes the attribute changes from Corprus permanent. In the vanilla game they were just drain effects and a quick trip the to the temple would have you good as new.
-Adds stages to corprus:
Stage 1: NPC's react to your corprus disease. Your stats modify every day.
Stage 2 (10 days): Adds a burden effect and your fine motor skills (sneak, acrobatics) are drained (not permanent). Personality and mercantile suffer as well.
Between 2 and 3: Your skin begins to produce Corprus weepings every day.
Stage 3 (20 days): Additional burden. Your agility is drained, however, you become immune to disease.
Terminal: After 30 days you become a mindless Corprus beast and are transported to the Corprusarium. This is essentially a "Game Over". 
-Adds additional generic corprus dialogue. 
-Allows the main quest to be completed with alternate sources of corprus. In the vanilla game, that would be a game-ender, there's one instance you can get corprus from that isn't the main quest.
-If you kill an Ash Vampire (one of Dagoth Ur's primary lieutenants), you'll be cursed with corprus. Some no name dagoth can curse you but an Ash Vampire can't? Pah!

Note: you can't play as a corprus zombie. It's extremely difficult to do and I know someone out there would try to actually complete quests which would makes things pretty hilarious but not in the scope of this mod. So it ends with you becoming a mindless beast. 

OPTIONAL FILE: Extreme_Immersive_Corprus
Every 6th house ash zombie, ash slave, ascended sleeper, and dagoth now can spread corprus on hit. May god have mercy on your soul.

put esp in data files and activate in the launcher. If it's a new game, no problems. If it's a game in progress open the console and type "startscript mort_corprus" without quotes.

Probably doesn't work with 6th House mods like Great House Dagoth nor should it. Changes ashvampire and corprusonpc scripts. Alters caius coscades and diviath fyr dialogue. Changes corprus stalker and lame corprus creatures.

Known Bugs:
Once in a blue moon if you're getting hit by many corprus beasts at once the popup will say "You have contracted Corprus" but you won't have any effects. That's a base morrowind bug, consider yourself lucky this time, punk!

Ask me and I'll say yes, do something neat with it!

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