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Removes the attribute multiplier granted by training misc skills.

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-Part of the May Modathon Month-

The idea behind this mod was to create a lightweight and uncomplicated alternative to all of these convoluted leveling mods out there. I didn't want scripts or a big break from the vanilla system so I did some research and realized I could simply make it so that the vanilla system remains intact but misc skills can no longer contribute to attribute multipliers. What this means is that only major and minor skills will contribute towards the multipliers. Thus you will no longer have to focus on perfect leveling and can just play the game.

The reason I feel this solution is better than other lightweight leveling mods is that you have flexibility with my system. If you want to focus one or two skills from strength to get that x5 you still can, or you can diversify and get x2, x2  and a x3 for instance. You'll have 7 attribute points to spend per level and how you play will determine how that pans out. So no always x5 or always x3 as other mods have done which either make you too powerful or create a disconnect between your actions and the multipliers.

I wanted a leveling mod for personal use that allowed my character build to factor into the process, that was loyal to the vanilla design, removed the temptation to plan a perfect level-up, and prevented becoming overpowered. I am pleased with the results. Now the skills you actually specialize in are what determine how your attributes grow, and build choices matter much more now as you cannot rely on misc skills to crank up endurance for instance. If you don't specialize in any skills that are governed by a certain attribute, you will only ever be able to raise that attribute by a single point. So plan accordingly. 

The end result is an intuitive and more challenging system that anyone who appreciates role playing will likely find agreeable. 


My first mod and extremely simple, I cannot see how any issues would arise from this, but let me know if there are any bugs and I will try to sort it out.

Final note: I was honestly shocked that I was not able to find a mod that did this, and if I somehow failed to discover one in my searching and this has already been done then the duplication was not intentional on my part and I will correct it should it be brought to my attention.