About this mod

New version available with a total 14 enchantments for the armor pieces, 1102 enchanted weapons, enchanted amulets. More diverse armors and weapons, restored cut content and other bonuses.

Permissions and credits
Very hard respawning Morrowind enemies

Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon

What's new in this version?
  • I added all the unused objects ; the deadric and dwemer longspears, the wooden crossbow and in Solstheim the stalhrim spear and shortsword plus the nordic silver spear and the unused riekling shield in unenchanted and enchanted versions
  • I also replicated the colovian fur helm, Wraithguard and the slave bracers in unenchanted and enchanted versions
  • I added 3 potions you can buy at will to fortify your unarmored skill, enjoy a magic shield or use the sanctuary effect plus 24 daedric weapons with a 100 points elemental damage and 100% weakness to the element enchantment. Of course I gave each element (fire, frost and shock) the matching enchantment.
  • Now my replicas of Hopesfire use the same mesh than the original model, sorry for any trouble you might have had with the custom-modified mesh I provided in the previous version

I added 2 enchantments per type of armor piece for a total 14 enchantments. Each armor piece the average hostile NPC's wear has a 33% likelihood to be enchanted.

More precisely I added 2 enchantments per kind of armor piece with the following constant effects, sometimes mixed:
  • Fortify agility
  • Fortify fatigue
  • Fortify health
  • Fortify magicka / luck
  • Fortify luck
  • Fortify strength
  • Resist fire / fortify health
  • Resist frost / fortify fatigue
  • Resist magicka
  • Resist paralysis
  • Resist shock / fortify luck
  • Sanctuary
  • Spell absorption
  • Spell reflection

You will find 1102 enchanted weapons using the following enchantments:
  • Absorb fatigue
  • Absorb health
  • Absorb magicka
  • Damage health
  • Damage of the 3 elements
  • Disintegrate armor
  • Disintegrate weapon
  • Fire damage
  • Fortify weapon skill
  • Frost damage
  • Shock damage
  • Silence

Plus 10 weapons with an absorb luck enchantment

If you're updating from a savegame you made with the previous version you should better unequip any enchanted equipment piece coming from the previous version.

Are you tired of all these dungeons that remain empty forever once you raided them?
Are you tired all of these you kill in 2 times 3 movements without even forcing?
Do you love these fights where you can't prevent wondering if you'll get out alive?

If your answer is yes this mod is for you.

I set the NPC's I want to respawn to level 250 with auto-calculated stats, a custom made equipment on leveled list and set them as leveled creatures. This means if you've killed a NPC long ago and his corpse vanished in the vanilla game he will be back forever.
I created a lot of new items to help you make your character become a one (wo)man army.
In this mod you will notably find 190 enchanted amulets, 486 enchanted armor parts and 1102 enchanted weapons in your enemies' leveled lists including the unused wooden crossbow, daedric and dwemer longspears and in Solstheim the nordic silver spear plus the stalhrim shortsword and spear.
I gave all my new clothes, armors and weapons a very enchantment capacity among other things.
All my custom armors of the same weight-class have the same quality by the way.

I modified and replaced the generic hostile NPC's in Solstheim.
I also set as hostile many NPC's who are more or less friendly in the vanilla game.
I added new custom creatures in many of these places for an even greater challenge.
I set many NPC's I don't want to respawn to level 255 with buffed up stats for an even harder fight.

I modified other things but I won't make you a complete list because I didn't create any changelog and to keep some surprises.

To prepare your character I put a daedroth merchant outside Caldera. He has everything you need to become nearly invincible even without  wearing any armor plus new spells.
If you don't have much money buy him the fortify alchemy spell it will help you get rich very quickly. You can also kill him and loot him, don't worry he respawns.

About the cell conversion issues
I created this mod on the french version so you will likely need a cell translator-converter tool to fully enjoy it on your version. This one should do the job.
Due to the way Morrowind was made you will likely get in your cells some creatures I removed in the mod or have the same NPC twice in some dungeons you never explored before.
I removed a lot of creatures placed as-is to replace them with custom ones. So if you see a tomb filled with daedras and one undead don't hesitate to remove the undead (open your console click on it and type disable then setdelete 1).
If you come to a dungeon you didn't visit before and have the same NPC twice and are overwhelmed, think your game will crash etc, open your console, choose one of them randomly and type sethealth 0. Except if I'm wrong you'll never experience this problem twice in the same cell.

Copy and paste Harder respawning enemies.esp and the meshes folder in your Morrownd\Data files folder
Activate using Morrowind launcher or a mod manager like mlox or Wrye mash.

Conflicts and incompatibilities
Any mod affecting the vanilla creatures is likely to cancel the changes I brought to them.
Any mod affecting the vanilla leveled creature lists is likely to replace my custom creatures by the vanilla elements. as long as said mods don't also affect the creatures or generic NPC's it shouldn't prevent you enjoying the extra difficulty.
Any mod affecting a NPC I changed in the game is likely to prevent you having a hard fight against said NPC.

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