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Adds the ability to bash open locked doors and chests, as was an option in previous TES games.

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By Greatness7

Version: 1.0

Adds the ability to bash open locked doors and chests, as was an option in previous TES games.

Lock bashing functions here as a more intensive alternative to lock picking and/or alteration's "open" spell. It always felt a bit wrong to me that both stealth and magical characters were provided logical means for dealing with locks, but poor fighters had to either accept missing content, or force ill-fitting skills into their class setup.

FAQ: Won't this obsolete the Security skill?

In my opinion, no. At least not nearly to the extent that Alteration and Enchanting already do.

Lock bashing here is balanced to always be less efficient and more expensive than an equivalent investment in security. There are several reasons this is so:

1. Bashing always triggers traps. (this is not so for the alternatives, aka disarm trap and telekinesis)

2. Bashing success chance always functions at "apprentice" level. (no upgrades such as "journeyman" picks)

3. Bashing requires multiple successes, slowly reducing lock level. (security/open need only succeed once)

4. Bashing heavily degrades weapon condition. (end costs are far more than the price of new picks or potions)

Morrowind Code Patch (v2.3beta or later)
Morrowind Script Extender (v0.9.5-alpha.20151016 or later)

You can get the latest MCP beta here: [http://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/26348/?]
This mod specifically requires the "GetWeaponType fix" and "Script expression parser fix".
There could be some other fixes used, so enabling all MCP bugfixes is highly recommended.

Place "mwse_LockBashing.esp" and the included "Meshes" folder into your /Data Files/ directory. Enable the plugin.

Attack a locked container or door with your weapon. The weapon condition will be reduced, and if your attack was successful, so will the lock level.

In the goal of maintaining consistency with vanilla Morrowind, the mechanics for determining a successful attack are equivalent to hard-coded lock-picking, except with your Weapon Skill replacing Security and a static Quality value set to "Apprentice" (aka 1.0).

The amount of damage you deal to a lock is based on your strength and the type of weapon used. Two-handed variants receive bonuses over their one-handed counterparts. Axes and Blunt Weapons are effective choices, but others like Long Blade and Spear may serve with some difficulty. Bashing with Short Blades is technically possible, but will generally result in a broken weapon far more quickly than a broken lock. Lock bashing with Hand-to-Hand is not enabled.

LockDamage = 0.1 * pcStrength * weapTier
WeapDamage = pcStrength * fBashWeapMult

    ShortBlade, 1-Hand:  1
    LongBlade,  1-Hand:  2
    Spear,      2-Hand:  2
    LongBlade,  2-Hand:  3
    Blunt,      1-Hand:  3
    Blunt,      2-Hand:  4
    Axe,        1-Hand:  4
    Axe,        2-Hand:  5

Two new GMSTs are added:

fBashWeapMult (Default=3), influences weapon condition damage
fBashLockMult (Default=-1), influences bashing success chance

You can modify these via console if you find the default settings too easy or difficult.
For example, "set fBashWeapMult to 0" would nullify the weapon condition damage mechanic.

Extra Credits
R-Zero (balancing)
Nebrewiel (testing)
HedgeHog12 (animating)
Merzaspore (mwse)
Hrnchamd (mcp)