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Place the .ESP file into the /Morrowind/Data Files/ directory.
Enable the .ESP from the launcher.



This mod implements a new system that gives the player a dynamic Fortify Maximum Magicka multiplier based on his total casting aptitude. No longer is race a massive factor in playing a viable mage!

Aptitude is the sum of the six casting skills: Destruction, Restoration, Alteration, Conjuration, Illusion, Mysticism. At certain aptitude breakpoints, the character's Magicka Bonus increases by 0.5 - the breakpoints are as follows;

Aptitude / Magicka Bonus

   75               0.5
  150              1.0
  195              1.5
  245              2.0
  300              3.5
  400              3.0
  500              3.5
  600              4.0

The higher your casting skills are, the more magicka you will get. Therefore, any Mage will start with a Magicka Bonus of 1.5; however, a Redguard Nightblade will only begin with a 0.5 bonus, whereas an Altmer Nightblade will have 1.0 due to racial skill difference. But any class can increase their bonus simply by leveling up their skills.



There is an attached Racials/Birthsigns .esp to be used in conjunction; it serves mainly to balance the racials and signs while removing magicka bonuses, as this mod handles that.

I could not come up with any better alternatives for the Mage / Apprentice / Atronach signs; they basically allow you to have a 0.5 / 1.0 / 1.5 magicka bonus to begin with, and your aptitude on top of that determines your total bonus. So an Atronach Mage would have about a 3.0 bonus to start with. 

It is not required to use this, but highly recommended.



You won't see what your actual magicka bonus is until after leaving the census office.