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An expanded version of the official Entertainers plug-in. Now you can perform at inns all across Vvardenfell.

Permissions and credits
Entertainers Expanded v1.0
by Ian



This mod requires the latest versions of Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon.


This mod is not compatible with the official Entertainers plug-in. Entertainers Expanded does everything that plug-in does and more. So there's no need for it.


Entertainers Expanded is an expanded version of the official Entertainers plug-in. This mod was built upon the unofficially-patched version by iamnone, michael163377, and others. Therefore, whatever fixes they made to the official plug-in are included with Entertainers Expanded.

Just like the original plug-in, this mod allows you to sing, dance, juggle, play the drums, or tell jokes for money. The better you are, the more you earn. This is based on your Personality, Agility, and Speechcraft values, along with a couple other things. You also earn disposition from the inn patrons around you for a good performance. Be aware though - poor or failed performances can result in disposition losses. Look for the dialogue topic "entertain the patrons" at any place you can rent a bed. You can perform once per day at each location.

See the following for a lot of good information on the official plug-in:

Side note: If you're interested in the life of a bard, you might also check out A Bard's Life by Danae. I haven't tried it, but it looks like a really deep mod with the addition of NPCs, quests, spells, and much more. Entertainers Expanded might conflict with A Bard's Life, but I haven't tested it.

What are the differences between this mod and the official one?

1. With the official plug-in, you could only perform at the Eight Plates Inn in Balmora. With Entertainers Expanded, you can perform in twenty inns across Vvardenfell, Mournhold, and Solstheim. Specifically, anywhere you can rent a bed, you will now also be able to perform and earn money once per day. In Balmora, you can now do four shows in a single night if you want. See the list below for all the Inns where you can perform.

2. The money varies by where you are performing. You're going to earn more in the Black Shalk Cornerclub in Vivec than Shenk's Shovel in Caldera. The differences in gold earned are based roughly on how large and nice the place is, and how many people are there.

3. Performing actually places you in an appropriate spot inside the inn, like in the corner. With the official version, you just performed right in front of the innkeeper.

4. Time will pass when you perform. Specifically, an hour. Or, if your performance was somewhat of a failure, it will be less than an hour. No time passed with the official version.

5. The official plug-in accidentally (I assume) omitted disposition bonuses with the patrons for a successful joke performance. This mod adds appropriate disposition modifications.

6. There are rumors of an exquisite lute available for purchase by a master luthier somewhere in Vvardenfell. This lute can be equipped and is visible on your back. You better have some serious gold if you want it. Spoiler below.

List of Inns
Ald-ruhn, Ald Skar Inn
Balmora, Council Club
Balmora, Eight Plates
Balmora, Lucky Lockup
Balmora, South Wall Cornerclub
Caldera, Shenk's Shovel
Ebonheart, Six Fishes
Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk
Maar Gan, Andus Tradehouse
Pelagiad, Halfway Tavern
Raven Rock, Bar
Sadrith Mora, Fara's Hole in the Wall
Sadrith Mora, Gateway Inn
Tel Branora, Sethan's Tradehouse
Tel Mora, The Covenant
Vivec, Black Shalk Cornerclub
Vivec, The Flowers of Gold
Vivec, The Lizard's Head
Vos, Varo Tradehouse
Mournhold, The Winged Guar

Spoiler: Where can I find that exquisite lute?
It's sold by Fryfnhild at The End of the World tavern in Dagon Fel.

Installation Instructions

1. Save and back-up your game. This is a good idea any time your start using a new mod.
If you are NOT currently running the official or unofficial entertainers plug-in, you can skip to Step 4.
2. If you are currently running the official Entertainers plug-in, disable the entertainers esp in your mod list. If you are running the unofficially-patched version, then it was renamed to "[Official]Entertainers". In that case, disable that one instead.
3. To use this with an existing character, load your saved game, and then save it again. This makes a "clean save" without the entertainers plug-in installed. Please note that this will cause any items added by the Entertainers plug-in in your inventory to be deleted. But seriously, there are so few of them and they're easy to get so it's no big deal.
4. Install the content of this archive into your Morrowind/Data Files folder. If you are running either the official or unofficial version of the Entertainers plug-in, then the only thing that will be overwritten are the eight sound files specific to Entertainers. These files are identical. If you're not running either of these other mods, then nothing will be overwritten.
5. Enable Entertainers Expanded in your mod list.
6. Profit.


Bethesda for the official plug-in.
iamnone, michael163377 and others for patching the official plug-in.
Saint_Jiub for making the visibly-equipped lute that I used for my Exquisite Lute.